Join us for the Friends of the Farm Lecture Series on Wednesday, May 15th at 6pm, featuring special guest Antonio Frazier, a distinguished lab executive and engineer dedicated to public safety.

Antonio brings a wealth of expertise as the founder of Fire Consults, focusing on lab and manufacturing quality assurance, operations, and business development. With a background ensuring the integrity of critical jet engine components and now ensuring the safety of cannabis products, Antonio's insights are invaluable.

Having served as President of CannaSafe and now contributing to California's Cannabis Advisory Committee, Antonio will delve into crucial topics including cannabis safety testing, consumer implications, recent regulatory changes, and the integrity of testing labs.

Key Discussion Points:
• What is cannabis safety testing and its significance to consumers?
• Understanding recent changes to testing requirements and recalls
• Exploring the role of California's Cannabis Advisory Committee and opportunities for consumer engagement
• Addressing challenges such as manipulation of test results and oversight

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from a leader at the forefront of ensuring cannabis safety. Join us for an enlightening discussion and learn how you can contribute to a safer cannabis market.
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    Friends of the Farm Lecture Series
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    Antonio Frazier
    Founder of Fire Consultants, DCC Subcommittee Chair on Testing Labs
    Antonio Frazier is a lab executive and engineer whose career has always been focused on public safety. He now leads his own consulting firm, Fire Consults, where he focuses on lab and manufacturing quality assurance, operations, and business development. Whether it be ensuring that critical jet engine components are fit for duty or cannabis products are safe for patients, Antonio has always worked to ensure that high quality products enter the market. Antonio Frazier was the first Furman University athlete to complete a dual degree earning both a B.S. in Materials Engineering from Clemson University and B.S. in Physics from Furman University, where he met CannaSafe CEO, Aaron Riley while playing football together.
    Antonio joined CannaSafe in 2017 as the Director of Operations, Aaron’s first hire after taking over CannaSafe, where he was tasked with securing the quality system and preparing the lab for large scale volume. After helping CannaSafe land on the Inc 5000 fast growing company list, Antonio was named President of the company in 2020. CannaSafe sold in late 2022 and Antonio has been in a consulting role since that time. He currently sits on California's Cannabis Advisory Committee, where he serves as the Subcommittee Chair for Testing Labs.