Join us as we dive into the remarkable journey and passion for education of Loely Burgos, the visionary founder of Plant EDG. Based in Los Angeles, Plant EDG has been a driving force in bridging the gap between cannabis brands and consumers through empowering education at dispensaries and cannabis-related events.

Loely's profound connection with cannabis began in 2017 when she embarked on a personal mission to liberate herself from several medications, including antidepressants. Today, she proudly stands pharmaceutical-free, attributing her transformative experience to the remarkable healing properties of cannabis. Despite her conservative background, Loely initially navigated her cannabis journey discreetly, living "behind the leaf," as she puts it.

A pivotal moment arose when Loely found herself caring for a woman battling a terminal illness. Witnessing the profound relief cannabis provided to this woman during her final moments ignited a fervent dedication within Loely to share the medicinal potential of the plant with others. Shedding the weight of stigmas became a divine calling for her.

Stepping into the cannabis industry as a brand ambassador for Heavy Hitters marked Loely's entry point. Through her unwavering dedication, she quickly transitioned into an independent contractor representing renowned brands like Brite Labs and Tikun. From the sun-soaked beaches of San Diego to the vibrant cannabis hubs of Santa Cruz, Loely embraced every opportunity to share her knowledge and passion.

In 2020, Loely's passion culminated in the launch of Plant EDG, an agency aimed at expanding cannabis education. Through Plant EDG, Loely and her team provide invaluable field marketing, immersive workshops, and dedicated representatives who champion cannabis products throughout diverse communities.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Loely Burgos on September 6th at 6pm. Discover how her unwavering commitment to education has created change, dismantled stigma, and empowered countless individuals to embrace the healing potential of cannabis. This webinar promises an enriching experience for cannabis enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone curious about the evolving landscape of cannabis education.
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    Loely Burgos
    Founder of Plant Edg
    Loely Burgos is a dynamic figure in the world of Cannabis, known for her unwavering commitment to advocacy, education, and consumer empowerment. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Queens, NY, Loely’s journey has taken her from the music industry to becoming a pioneering force in the cannabis field.

    With a background as a former Music Industry Publicist, Loely’s transition into the cannabis industry was sparked by her personal experiences and a deep passion for better health. In 2016, she became a medical cannabis patient, seeking an alternative to traditional medications. Drawing from her own struggles, she successfully used cannabis and talk therapy to gradually wean herself off SSRI medications that had previously lead to suicidal ideation. She credits cannabis with not only saving her life but also becoming a cornerstone of her ongoing mental health journey.

    In 2018, Loely embarked on a new career path dedicated to cannabis advocacy and education. She founded Plant EDG in 2020, a groundbreaking Cannabis Field Marketing and Consumer Education consultancy. Through Plant EDG, Loely has collaborated with numerous licensed cannabis brands in CA, including Heavy Hitters, APEX, Tikun, Ikanik, and Hyten, showcasing her expertise in brand promotion and product education.

    As a mother of two, Loely understands the importance of informed and responsible cannabis use. She passionately supports new and veteran patients in identifying the best cannabis products tailored to their individual needs. Her commitment to education led her to become an affiliate of the esteemed Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA, where she earned certifications in Cannabis studies, further solidifying her knowledge.

    Loely is an active member of various Cannabis advocacy groups, including the BCB Masterminds Cohort, OC and Los Angeles NORML. Her involvement in these organizations underscores her dedication to fostering positive change within the industry and promoting responsible cannabis consumption for better health.

    Plant EDG currently represents Jetty, an award-winning and highly respected cannabis brand founded in California and now in multiple states. Her role involves not only managing a team of reps promoting the brand but also continuing her mission of educating consumers about the benefits of cannabis and its potential to aid in improving mental health and overall well-being through their consumer educational workshops.

    Loely’s journey from a music industry professional to a cannabis advocate and educator exemplifies the transformative power of plant medicine. Her story serves as an inspiration to individuals seeking alternative solutions for their health and well-being, while her ongoing efforts in advocacy and education continue to shape the landscape of the Cannabis industry for the better.