The Live W-E-L-L webinar is an interpretive class, based on the Lavender Ribbon Report: Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer, released by the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) and National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). The webinar session is designed to inspire discussion and planning regarding preventive cancer measures. The acronym W-E-L-L is the webinar instructors' ideology of compressing the 11 best practices city in the Lavender Ribbon report, into a four-letter acronym, to help promote best practice and healthy approaches to firefighter safety. Cancer in the fire service is a real threat to all of us. This presentation will help frame and define positive human performance that will help you develop policy, best practice and standards for your department.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will gain an increased situational awareness in evaluating best practices and healthy approaches for longevity in and after their careers in the fire service.


Be well informed on the latest research, data and trends
Share information with your organization and community
Be your own best health advocate
Clay Haberkorn and Dana Brown, Fire Near Miss

Original broadcast date: June 18, 2019
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