Thinking to be a Mentor ?

Mentoring is different from teaching and coaching. You’re not simply teaching someone how to do things, you’re helping them form their own ideas about the way things work and how to move forward.

Start by considering your own experiences and perspectives and how they can help an individual grow. Take the time to understand your mentee’s goals, listening to their ideas before you impart advice.

When most people think of mentorship, they're thinking about career mentorship. Career mentors are senior to their mentees, can be from different background or company. Their purpose is to serve as a career advisor and advocate the mentee's plan for their long-term career goals.
Becoming a mentor offers the opportunity to develop professional qualities.

We at Dheya, have India's largest career mentors community.

Join us for an hour-long webinar with Career Mentor to know more about opportunities.

Wednesday October 14, 2020, starting at 8:05 PM IST
Dheya Career Mentors (I) Pvt Ltd
Cdr Naveen B
Director Research and Product Development
A veteran of the Armed Forces, pursuing his passion of mentoring youth and helping them find their dream careers.
Pooja Salunke
Moderator for Webinar
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