The fourth session addresses how journalists regard freedom of the press, censorship and suppression of information. The failure of mainstream media in reporting on China’s forced organ harvesting has had a negative impact on the dissemination of information and knowledge to the public, and on the credibility of valid research and investigations of this human rights violation.
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Marco Respinti
Professional Journalist, Essayist, Translator and Lecturer
Marco Respinti is an Italian journalist, member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), an essayist, translator and lecturer. He has been published widely and contributes to several journals and magazines in Italy and abroad.
He is a member of the Advisory Council of the European Federation for Freedom of Belief. He serves as Director-in-Charge of the academic publication "The Journal of CESNUR," and "Bitter Winter," a international publication concerning issues of religious liberty and human rights.
Chang Chin-Hwa, PhD
A professor at the Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University.
Dr. Chang Chin-Hwa is an acclaimed scholar, award winning teacher, and former board member of the Chinese Communication Society (CCS).
Maurice Droin
Maurice Droin, a French economist and journalist, worked for the French Ministry of Defense and an industrial firm before moving to the Pacific region and serving as New Caledonia's representative in charge of international relations, the economy and industrial development for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
He was a lead consultant of negotiations for the Pacific region under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. For the past ten years, he has been a freelance journalist.
Hataru Nomura
Born in 1963, he is a graduate of the Department of History in the Faculty of Literature, Rikkyo University. After working as an editor for a magazine for foreign residents in Japan, he became a freelance writer. He is editor of "The Truth about North Korean Interests", co-author of "The Zainichi Privilege" and "The Zainichi Human Network that Drives the Dark Side of Japan" (all published by Takarajimasha), editor of “The Truth about Chinese Organ Transplantation” (published by Shukosha), and many others.
Zoé Valdés
Zoé Valdés is a journalist, author, cinematographer and visual artist. She has been a prolific writer for over 40 years, and worked as a film director and producer.
In exile she has confronted the communist tyranny in Cuba and abroad. She was a professor and prestigious guest lecturer at many ivy league universities and colleges including La Sorbonne in Paris, Harvard, FIU, and Queen Mary Univ., London.
Jiang Li
Originally from mainland China, Jiang Li now lives in the US.
Sophia Bryskine
Sophia Bryskine is an optometrist and primary healthcare practitioner in Sydney, and a senior researcher in Australia for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, DAFOH.
A key liaison officer for government and media efforts on the topic of forced organ removal from prisoners of conscience in China, she is an advocate for ethical transplantation practices within the medical community.
Sandra Flores
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