Power Platform is just that, a platform. It’s difficult to go to market with a platform proposition to your customers - so how can you start to make money from Power Platform and its associated technologies? If you would like to think about how you can go from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Business Central to broader Business Applications, you need to think outside of the product box and broadly consider what can be delivered.

Attend this session to learn about how you can begin to commercialize the Power Platform, what scenarios may fit the market, what has worked well for partners already, and what you will need to consider when starting a successful Power Platform practice.
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    Chris Parkes
    Business Development Manager (D365 & Power Platform), QBS Group
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    ‎Chris Parkes has a long history and extensive background in Microsoft Dynamics. He worked in various technical and commercial roles at Great Plains and then Microsoft for almost twenty years before founding an independent software company of his own. Prior to corporate life, Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Alongside running his own successful software company, he also helps businesses succeed and grow by providing professional sales, marketing and business analytics services.

    Over the past few years, Chris has been working with companies such as QBS, 1ClickFactory, MindsUnited and their partner ecosystems to understand opportunities that exist around the broader business applications portfolio from Microsoft, most recently in respect of Power Platform and associated technologies.