About This Webinar
If you have been considering creating a digital product so you can monetize your expertise you have probably considered creating an online course or a membership site. Or, maybe both!

There are quite a few variables to consider when making the right choice for you, your potential customers and your online business.

Join me in this workshop where I will walk you through the main differences between an online course and a membership site.

We will walk through the pros and cons of both so you know which one makes sense for you. We will also cover the income opportunities for both of them so you can make an educated decision on which one makes sense for you.

Next, we will work together and answer any questions you have and discuss what you are considering creating in your business so you can get feedback from all of the workshop attendees.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding on the differences between these two digital products and a good idea which one you should focus on creating in your business!

Update: In this training I recommended Kajabi as the platform you can use to create both your online courses and your membership site.
Here is my affiliate link if you would like to create a free, 14 day trial to check Kajabi out

  • Difference between an Online Course & a Membership Site
  • Pros & Cons of Each
  • Income Opportunities
  • Open Discussion: Ask Your Questions & Get Feedback on Your Course or Membership Site Idea
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    Catherine Dove
    I help seasoned professionals and subject matter experts modernize their expertise so they can monetize it online.