It’s every CIO’s job to manage risks as much as possible. This webinar will interview veteran CIOs and risk managers about what they are seeing as the strongest risks to portfolios and pensions now and the key steps they’re taking to effectively manage them.
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    Alison Mintzer
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    Christine Giordano
    Managing Editor, Chief Investment Officer
    Christine Giordano has been managing editor of (Chief Investment Officer’s digital news site) since 2016. The ai-CIO brand was honored with the prestigious Best Media Brand award in 2016, 2018, and 2019 in the Jesse H. Neal Awards.
    A career journalist, prior to joining the company, Giordano wrote in-depth news for daily newspapers and as a staff writer for The New York Times Company, winning the team NYT Chairman’s Award, the Florida Bar’s Grand Prize award, and various first place awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. She is a fellow of both the National Press Foundation and the American Institute for Economic Research.
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    Vince Smith
    Chief Investment Officer, New Mexico State Investment Council
    Robert “Vince” Smith, CFA is among the country’s longest-serving public fund investment officers. Over the past three decades, Mr. Smith has provided investment leadership and portfolio management to both pension and sovereign wealth investment programs across four state-level public funds in Montana, Texas, Kansas and New Mexico. In the latter two states, he served as chief investment officer, presently serving as CIO for the New Mexico State Investment Council and based in Santa Fe. Vince and his investment teams implement a top-down investment process, driven by macroeconomic analysis, long term strategy, and strategic asset allocation. Vince was educated in Finance and Economics in his home state of Montana, and he is presently a board member and chairs the investment committee of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.