About This Webinar
Local, grassroots activism is the key to defending our Constitutional rights. Americans can protect their neighborhoods, schools, cities, and states from those seeking to infringe on our freedoms through proactive civic engagement.

Citizens for Free Speech is launching an 8-part summer workshop “How to Become A Citizen Ninja” that teaches participants how to nimbly and effectively challenge powerful entities that disenfranchise the public and reduce citizens’ power. Training is led by Mary Baker, political activist, author, and trainer, and Citizens for Free Speech founder and executive director Patrick Wood.

The free, online Citizen Ninja trainings will be held Mondays at 4 PM (Pacific Time) beginning June 7 through July 26.
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    Patrick Wood
    Executive Director. Citizens for Free Speech
    Critical expert on globalization, Editor of Technocracy News & Trends, author, founder of CFFS
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    Mary Baker
    National Director of Training
    Mary is a skilled and experienced activist, author and trainer