With pressure to modernize real estate valuation, find out how emerging technology is impacting the role of the appraiser. We will discuss what has been done to date and what lies ahead, including how appraisers are evolving to support these efforts. Walk away with ideas on how you can stay ahead and be part of the future of our industry.
  • Julie_jones
    Julie Jones
    SVP of Valuation Transformation and Engagement at Class Valuation
    Julie Jones is an industry veteran with more than 18 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Julie serves as SVP of Valuation Transformation and Engagement for Class Valuation. In this capacity, she is dedicated to driving thoughtful change in the valuation industry through responsible innovation and stakeholder collaboration. Prior to joining Class Valuation, Jones was a member of Fannie Mae’s collateral policy and strategy team, where she led outreach for the team's initiatives.
  • Gabe_knox
    Gabe Knox
    VP of Strategic Partnerships at InsideMaps
    Gabe has been deploying new technology solutions to the real estate industry since the downturn and is among the industry leaders in remote collateral valuation. In addition to VP of InsideMaps, he co-owns Floravista Realty, a large real estate brokerage in Texas. Prior to joining InsideMaps, he led acquisitions and BD for one of the first and largest Single-Family Rental (SFR) investment funds and was a leader in using cloud-based management tools and AVM's to underwrite, acquire and operate thousands of homes across broad geographic areas. Gabe got his start in the Real Estate industry as an engineering consultant and has led the acquisition, entitlement, and development of over 10,000 lots for private developers and public homebuilders.