Scott Reuter, Chief Appraiser and Director of Valuation for Freddie Mae will discuss Freddie Mac's most recent policies in response to appraising during the Covid-19 crisis. Freddie Mac has revised their appraisal inspection and reporting requirements. Get the most up-to-date guidance on the temporary appraisal flexibilities.
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    Scott Reuter, Freddie Mac
    Chief Appraiser, Director of Valuation
    Scott Reuter is the Chief Appraiser and Director of Valuation for Freddie Mac in McLean, Virginia. He is a State Certified-General Appraiser, and has over 30 years of experience in valuation, appraisal and collateral risk management concerns. Scott holds a B.A. from The Ohio State University (June 1982), and has completed the Executive Leadership program at Cornell University, Johnson School of Business (Dec 2007). His previous management experience includes positions with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and General Electric, prior to being recruited to Freddie Mac in 2016. His team at Freddie leads the effort for ongoing development and refinement of property valuation risk management strategies; underwriting products, and establishing and maintaining a credible quality assurance process across multiple lines of business support. Scott and his team interact with both sellers/clients as well as stakeholders across the appraisal industry to reinforce Freddie’s appraisal quality requirements.
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    Karen Connolly, Allterra Group
    VP of Operations
    For 13 years Karen has been involved in the implementation of the Collateral Risk Network (CRN) programs and meetings. Karen manages the daily operations for CRN. including coordination of the membership, website, quarterly meetings, committees and Board of Director meetings. Karen is the primary contact for sponsorship opportunities and all other membership support.