It has been 6 months since Fannie Mae’s rollout of value acceptance + property data. It’s the newest addition to a growing number of collateral valuation options being driven by appraisal modernization efforts.

Join Eric Tsai, CEO of Asteroom, Justin Alexander, Director of Collateral Strategy & Innovation at Fannie Mae, Karl Trajcevski, Senior Vice President, Director of Sales Operations at Mutual of Omaha, and Kerianne Brown, Vice President for Client Services at Valutrust, as they discuss how value acceptance + property data works, and the advantage it can bring to the residential mortgage industry.

Justin will kick off the discussion by introducing Fannie Mae’s new value acceptance + property data program. Then the panelists will have an in-depth discussion on the advantages of the value acceptance + property data program to lenders, property 3D scanning technology that is powering the data collection process, as well as lenders’ roles and responsibilities in underwriting loans going through value acceptance + property data program.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from a panel representing Fannie Mae, Lenders, AMCs, and Technologists to gain valuable insights on how to navigate the changing landscape of appraisal modernization. Learn how lenders are leveraging this today and how this can support your business in 2024.

Justin will also shed light on potential use cases of Property Data Collection in other products Fannie Mae is researching and testing. The last 30 minutes of the presentation will be reserved for Q&A.
  • Why did Fannie Mae roll out the new value acceptance + property data program?
  • How is the value acceptance + property data offering (waiver + inspection) different from the traditional value acceptance program (waiver without inspection)?
  • What are the benefits brought to lenders and borrowers who are taking advantage of this program today?
  • What are lenders’ key considerations in adopting the new value acceptance + property data offering?
  • What technology is being used to help ensure the quality of Property Data Collection?
  • How is Fannie Mae thinking about the future of appraisal modernization?
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    Eric Tsai
    Co-founder and CEO of Asteroom
    Eric Tsai is the co-founder and CEO of Asteroom, the industry’s first and only 3D tour solution created for real estate agents to use with their smartphones. Prior to starting Asteroom, Eric was a Data Scientist for Meta Platforms (Facebook). In 2019, he left Facebook to found Asteroom after learning the needs of real estate agents for an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and high-quality 3D tour creation platform. In the past three years while the US was going through the development of COVID 19, Eric and Asteroom have partnered with MLS and to help over 30,000 real estate agents create 3D tours and floorplans and publish them online in lieu of open houses.

    Since the beginning of 2022, Eric has recruited over 7000 realtors who have been creating 3D tours and floor plans on Asteroom and are eager to participate in the newest Value Acceptance + Property Data program as data collectors. Asteroom is trusted by 80+ industry-leading AMCs such as Valutrust, Opteon, and more.
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    Justin Alexander
    Director of Collateral Strategy & Innovation at Fannie Mae
    Justin Alexander is the Director of Collateral Strategy & Innovation at Fannie Mae, managing a team that focuses on modernizing the home valuation process. Responsible for testing new technologies and ways to enhance collateral risk management, Justin’s team assesses ways to leverage tools such as geographic information system (GIS) data and image recognition.

    Justin began his industry career with over 17 years of appraisal experience and spent the last 7 years focusing on data analysis, risk strategy, and appraisal modernization. Before Fannie Mae, Justin worked at First American Financial Corporation, building and enhancing products. Before that, he worked at CoreLogic, leveraging his industry experience as a fraud and risk strategist and industry solutions advisor.
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    Kerianne Brown
    Vice President, Client Services at Valutrust
    Kerianne Brown provides 15 years of experience managing client relationships and customer service quality levels. She is responsible for all aspects of Valutrust Solution’s Client Service experience, including client onboarding and training, order processing, support activities, and Scorecard reviews. Brown joined Valutrust Solutions in 2011 as one of the initial team members.

    Her early experiences across multiple aspects of the business provided deep insight into how our customer service model and proprietary software make a difference for our clients. This insight and early experiences shape the way she develops and manages her team to deliver the highest quality in automated, appraisal management products.

    Prior to joining Valutrust Solutions, Brown spent 8 years focused on customer service through process efficiencies, successful customer engagement strategies, and optimization of the customer experience, which lead to improved customer loyalty and growth.
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    Karl Trajcevski
    Senior Vice President, Director of Sales Operations Mutual of Omaha