About This Webinar
Join us on Thursday, November 12th at 2 pm Eastern for a free webinar hosted by Anow, the leading software for real estate appraisal offices worldwide, designed to show you how to grow your non-lending business through simple, but effective tools and technology.

If you're an appraiser and you want to increase your revenue - this is a must-see event!
  • Why are goal-setting and organization key to growth?
  • As you expand into non-lending business, how does your service model change?
  • How can you use Facebook and other social media platforms to reach new potential clients?
  • What tools does Anow offer to support growing appraisal companies?
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    Marty Haldane
    Founder & CEO of Anow
    Marty Haldane is the Founder & CEO of Anow, Red Deer, Alberta. He is a third-generation appraiser with more than a decade of experience doing residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural valuations. He is a technology advocate and entrepreneur who founded Anow in 2011 with a vision and passion to transform the customer experience in mortgage origination with technology.