Meet THE CUPHEAD SHOW! team for a live Q&A session:
- Dave Wasson, Executive producer / Netflix
- Cosmo Segurson, Co-executive producer / Netflix
- Andrea Fernandez, Art Director / Netflix

The video game that smashed onto the scene with a gorgeous retro animation style, crazy boss-brawls and nearly impossible gameplay now comes to life in "The Cuphead Show!". This character driven comedy follows the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily-swayed brother, Mugman.

Session in English only / Session en anglais uniquement
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    Annecy Festival
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    Dave Wasson
    Executive producer / Netflix
  • 1592474729-25e87255aecc0c13
    Cosmo Segurson
    Co-executive producer / Netflix
  • 1592474826-a0502d30e4727ed7
    Andrea Fernandez
    Art Director / Netflix