Meet BABA YAGA team for a live Q&A session:
- Eric Darnell, Director and Co-Founder/CCO / Baobab Studios
- Mathias Chelebourg, Co-director / Baobab Studios
- Shannon Ryan, Development Producer / Baobab Studios
- Ken Fountain, Animation Supervisor / Baobab Studios

Immerse yourself in the enchanting production of Baba Yaga, the latest virtual-reality experience from the 6-time Emmy winning Baobab Studios. It’s up to you and your sister Magda, to save your mother by entering the forest to obtain the cure from the enigmatic witch, Baba Yaga. Your choices define how this story of love and magic ends.

Session in English only / Session en anglais uniquement
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    Annecy Festival
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    Eric Darnell
    Director and Co-Founder-CCO / Baobab Studios
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    Mathias Chelebourg
    Co-director / Baobab Studios
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    Shannon Ryan
    Development Producer / Baobab Studios
  • 1592204120-66e67e8783d3c475
    Ken Fountain
    Animation Supervisor / Baobab Studios