ASES Webinar: How to Raise the ROI for Commercial Solar Projects - No Batteries Required

John Powers of Extensible Energy and Lucas Oehlerking of Black & Veatch will cover the following:

● Why Utility Rates are Changing and the subsequent demand charge increases.
● In response to changing rates, installers need to have a customer oriented approach to solar, not just a roofers approach
● This means that smart developers should propose the correct solution of solar, storage, load flexibility and energy efficiency retrofits.
● Complete energy solution projects will have a much higher ROI than solar alone.

John Powers:
John Powers, CEO of Extensible Energy, is an energy economist and entrepreneur with three decades of experience in renewables, energy efficiency, demand response, and related fields. Extensible Energy delivers load flexibility software that integrates with solar installations for dramatic improvements in demand-charge and TOU savings.

Lucas Oehlerking:
Luke Oehlerking is a manager of the commercial solar business on Black & Veatch’s Global Distributed Energy team. He has lead the development of innovative business areas focused on energy storage, microgrids and residential and commercial rooftop solar. He is actively working with clients to help them meet their sustainability goals with a variety of on-site or distributed solar photovoltaic, energy storage, demand response and microgrid solutions.

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  • When: Mountain Time (US & Canada)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Donation
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.
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