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For most professionals, talking about AM in the energy industry often comes down to say that the technology enables the production of highly complex turbine components. As several developments are being discussed across the Energy industry, be it for more sustainable energy sources or for better ways to tap natural resources, AM can affect more than just the production of turbines. But How? What is the good, the bad and the ugly about these implications? Our speakers are ready to demystify all the grey areas around this topic.

Additive Talks is a series of conversations that aims to deliver 3D Printing/AM insights in a different way. Launched by 3D ADEPT Media, each conversation gathers additive manufacturing players as well as users or potential users from key verticals around specific topics. The ultimate goal? Learn insights that matter from industry insiders to build your path in the AM industry.
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Piegert
Department Lead Additive Manufacturing for Large Rotating Equipment (Berlin) in Generation Division, Siemens Gas & Power GmbH & Co. KG
Sebastian Piegert is leading the Additive Manufacturing Technology and Materials Development function within the Additive Manufacturing organization of Siemens Energy Generation out of the gas turbine plant in Berlin since 2014. He is also acting as the technology field lead for additive manufacturing for entire Siemens Energy. He started his career within Siemens as development engineer for joining and repair processes for hot gas paths components of large gas turbines in 2008. Mr Piegert studied mechanical engineering at the technical university of Braunschweig (Germany). In order to deepen his expertise in high temperature materials and their applications, he subsequently conducted a doctorate at the Institute of Materials of the Technical University Braunschweig exploring „Modern high temperature brazing processes for turbine blade and vane repair“.
Steve Nardone
Lab Manager Advanced Materials Technologies at ENGIE Laborelec
An international expert in metallic materials for power plants, Steve specializes in additive manufacturing (3D printing). He works with operators, assisting in materials assessment as part of root cause analysis, as well as remaining life assessment and creep damage evaluation. He also has extensive experience in quality assurance and technical audits associated with strategic spare part manufacture. Steve currently manages multidisciplinary projects focusing on the full range of materials used in the energy sector, such as integrating new manufacturing processes, including 3D printing, in industrial environments.
John Oakey
Professor of Energy Technology, Cranfield University
Prof. Oakey has over 40 years’ experience in energy industries and has a senior cross cutting role within Cranfield’s Energy and Power theme.

At Cranfield, he now supports a range of research initiatives in a consultancy capacity, in particular in hydrogen production and advanced turbine cycles for power generation and electric vehicle charging. In the past he has led research in thermal power, renewables and offshore engineering. His specific interests have been in energy and fuels from biomass and waste, thermal power plant life extension and flexible operation, biomass co-firing, CO2 capture, transport and storage, gas cleaning technologies and the application of advanced materials. Prior to joining Cranfield in 1998, he was a senior manager in British Coal, leading a range of clean coal technology research programmes, e.g. in support of pressurised fluidised bed combustion and advanced gasification cycles.

On the international stage, he has led the UK side of a wide-ranging energy research collaboration programme with USDOE since 2003 and has been involved in technology transfer projects with China on gas cleaning, underground coal gasification and biomass co-firing. He is member of the steering boards of ETN Global and the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI) and leads the Energy Working Group of European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMaT).
Kety Sindze
Managing Editor at 3D ADEPT Media
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