Completing projects on time and within budget is difficult. The bigger the job, the more likely the delay in completion.

Every engineering document, package, and physical deliverable happens on a schedule. And because these deliverables are highly interdependent, one small delay, measured in hours, can cascade into a project delay measured in weeks. This is Schedule Risk. It starts small, and early interventions can keep it small, provided you can see it coming.

Join us for an informative 30-minute webinar to learn how accurate data, consolidated onto a next-generation dashboard can help you identify schedule risk early, and take swift, informed action.

Follow one company’s journey with SmartProject by clicking on this 3-minute video, “Dashboards for an Engineering and Construction Business" https://youtu.be/eveY2JzpF-g
Helen Mathew
KV Daniel
CEO, Wrench Solutions
Mike Schaefer
VP, North America, Wrench Solutions
John Sunny
Business Analyst, Wrench Solutions