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Addressing Gender-related Challenges in Remote Mobile Data Collection

Mon, Dec 12, 2016 · 3:00 PM · Berlin 559 views
About This Webinar

- Joyce Luma, Country Director, WFP South Sudan (former head of WFP Trends and Analysis Service): Gender, mobile phone surveys, and data analysis for Zero Hunger

- Sangita Vyas, Managing Director, r.i.c.e. (Research Institute for Compassionate Economics): Methodologies for capturing women’s experiences in mobile phone surveys in India

- Dr. Micah Boyer, University of South Florida: Women, markets, and mobile phones in the Sahel

- Kusum Hachhethu, WFP mVAM Team and Nutritionist, Qualitative research for using mVAM to reach rural Kenyan women

  • Women’s Participation: How can we engage more women when conducting surveys via mobile phone? How can qualitative research help improve female participation rates?
  • Analyzing Data for Zero Hunger: How do low female participation rates bias our data and ability to design effective programmes? Given the barriers, how can we analyze our data to better represent women's experiences? Are we asking the right questions?
  • Mobile’s Potential: What are the untapped possibilities for using remote mobile data collection to collect information on both men’s and women’s experiences (e.g anonymous reporting of gender-based violence)? What are the limitations?
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