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WCR Presents: A New Way to Think about Climate Change

About This Webinar

The climate crisis is the greatest threat to the long-term sustainability of coffee agriculture and to the preservation of the rich diversity of coffee origins that exists today.

But what exactly is the threat, and what are the likely impacts for farmers?

In this "WCR Presents" webinar, climate and agriculture expert Walter E. Baethgen of Colombia University's Earth Institute explores how we should think about the immediate and near threats of climate change for coffee agriculture—not as a distant or incremental rise in overall temperatures occurring over decades, but as a shift to greater and more extreme year-to-year variability of temperature and precipitation. Understanding climate change in this way allow us to more clearly explore opportunities for farmers to lower their climate risk, and illuminates pathways for fruitful research to address the challenge.

Dr. Baethigan's presentation will be followed by a brief update from WCR on work in partnership with researchers and farmers to develop varieties and approaches that have the highest chance of success given the rise in variability and extremes that farmers are facing.

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Webinar hosting presenter Hanna Neuschwander
Director of Communications and Strategy, World Coffee Research
The intersection of coffee and science is Hanna's passion. She writes regularly and speaks globally about the future of coffee and coffee agriculture. She is the author of over 50 magazine articles on coffee, and of the book Left Coast Roast. In her role as director of strategy and communication with WCR, she works closely with organizations across the coffee value stream to think about how to strategically align and communicate long-term sustainability investments. She is based in Portland, Oregon.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Regional and Sectoral Research, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University Earth Institute
Dr. Baethgen has focused his research career on designing, implementing and managing multidisciplinary research and development programs to address climate risks in agriculture, from tools to assist farmers to assess and manage their risk, to ensuring that policy-makers understand and take account of climate research. He has consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, the IAEA, The World Bank and IICA, as well as governments and the private sector in several countries in Latin America, and was a lead author for IPCC’s Second (1995) and Third (2001) Assessments Reports and contributing author for the Fourth Assessment (2007). He is the recipient of the Morosoli de Oro award, in recognition of his contributions to Uruguayan culture.
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