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Staying On Target with Off-Premise Food Safety

About This Webinar

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Off-Premise has taken off. Whether you’re a decade-spanning family owned establishment adapting to the preferences of today, a large chain with drive-thru windows and an established to-go operation, a ghost kitchen that is making the best of a bad situation, or even a third-party food handler/transporter, the importance of off-premise will not be backing off, even in a post-pandemic world. Which is why it’s imperative to stay on target with food safety. Yet, with rapid adoption and a need to make due in strange times, some have bitten off more than they can chew, overlooking critical food safety concerns. Learn about the new hotspots and regulatory complexities your Off-Premise operation has added to the long list of considerations for your foodservice establishment and get actionable insights to bring on into your food safety processes.

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Public Health Innovations, President and CEO
"Dr. Hal King is Managing Partner at Active Food Safety, an Advisory Services and Digital Products company, and Founder/CEO of Public Health Innovations, a public health strategy and design company. Dr. King is also an Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of Georgia College of Public Health. Dr. King is a public health professional who has worked in the investigation of respiratory and foodborne and other disease outbreaks (at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U. S. Public Health Service), performed federally funded research on the causation and prevention of infectious diseases (at Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases), and worked in the prevention of intentional adulteration of foods and food defense in the United States and for Army force health (with the U.S. Army Reserves Consequence Management Unit, 20th CBRNE Command). Dr. King is formally the Director of Food and Product Safety at Chick-fil-A Inc. where he designed and led Chick-fil-A’s Food Safety Management Program for 11 years; the topic of his first book, Food Safety Management: Implementing a Food Safety Program in a Food Retail Business (Springer). Dr. King’s second book, co-authored with Dr. Wendy Bedale, Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls (Academic Press) shows how the foodservice industry can leverage the FDA requirements of human food manufacturers to ensure safe source of foods in their supply chain. Dr. King’s latest book, Food Safety Management Systems, was published in 2020 as part of the IAFP Food Microbiology Series by Springer; this book shows the foodservice industry how they can implement Process HACCP-based management systems in their foodservice locations to prevent foodborne disease illnesses and outbreaks. Dr. King is also the co-author and author of several articles and book chapters on public health interventions, holds several U.S. Patents and Patent Pending technologies, Copyrights and Trademarks, and has helped the food industry via development of new products and services.

Dr. King is the recipient of the 2018 NSF International Food Safety Leadership and Innovation Award. "
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Restaurant Food Safety & QA - Chipotle Mexican Grill
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VP of Content Strategy - Restaurant Business
Abbey Lewis is the VP of Content Strategy at Winsight LLC. In this role, Abbey oversees the editorial and content team across all of the industries Winsight serves: convenience, grocery, restaurant and the noncommercial foodservice industry. Prior to her current position, Abbey was the Content Director at FoodService Director magazine, Editor In Chief of Convenience Store Products magazine, and a contributing editor to CSP. Her first job after graduating from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, was with Packaging World magazine when she spent the first eight years of her career. She lives in Oak Park, IL, where she spends all her free time with her husband and three children.
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