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Loyalty Program Lifecycle: How Brands like Peet’s Coffee Successfully Relaunch Programs

Tue, Jun 28, 2022 · 1:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Nearly 70 percent of quick-serve and fast-casual patrons take advantage of loyalty programs offered by the restaurants they purchase from frequently. A great loyalty program keeps customers engaged with your brand and produces tremendous returns. But what happens when your loyalty program slows down?
It may be time for a revamp.

With the right data and plans in place, a loyalty program revamp can reinvigorate your brand, increase revenue, and improve profitability. Recently, brands like Peet’s Coffee have reinvigorated their loyalty programs with adjustments designed to delight guests and drive repeat purchases.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

1. The lifecycle of a loyalty program
2. How to tell your program needs a revamp
3. Options and key considerations for revamping your program
4. The impact a change in your loyalty program can have on your business

Disclaimer: Paytronix has a relationship with Peet’s Coffee and provides services to help enable programs mentioned in this webinar. None of the Paytronix employees that directly work with Peet’s Coffee assisted in the creation of content for this webinar. Paytronix is not affiliated with other brands mentioned in this webinar, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands, including Peet’s Coffee. This webinar is strictly based on publicly available information and Paytronix's independent analysis of the industry.

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Marketing Communications Specialist
Jessica Shelcusky is a marketing communications specialist with Paytronix, where she creates content to help restaurants and convenience stores connect with their customers. Prior to joining their team, she received an MBA from Boston College and worked for several years in the retail industry.
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Editor, CSP
Jackson Lewis is the technology and services editor for CSP. Jackson joined data research firm Technomic in 2016 as an analyst for the convenience and grocery sectors. He moved to write exclusively for CSP in early 2017 during Winsight Media’s acquisition of Technomic. Since then, Jackson has focused his reporting on sources of disruption for convenience retail. He was among the first in the industry to visit Amazon’s smart corner shop, Amazon Go, and serves as a speaker at c-store industry events. Email him at jlewis@winsightmedia.com.
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