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How to make your CBD category successful

About This Webinar

How to make your CBD category safe & successful: A guide on how to increase sell through and reduce compliance emergencies.

The CBD industry hasn't done itself any favors when it comes to consumer confidence. It’s a category facing widespread skepticism thanks to false claims and hyperbole, misinformation and lack of consumer education. And even worse, it’s getting little help from the FDA, which has failed to do its job of imposing the regulations that are absolutely necessary to ensure consumers can reap CBD’s wide-ranging benefits – benefits that can only be found through sophisticated, responsibly manufactured, and effectively delivered CBD.

Join Nicole Maione, General Manager at Caliper Foods, as she shares insights on how to get the right products on shelves—products that validate their claims and uphold strict manufacturing practices—to ensure you are meeting consumer needs. The right products will allow for more successful trial and repeat while reducing challenges with compliance.

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General Manager of Caliper Consumer Goods, Caliper Foods
Nicole Maione is the General Manager of Caliper Consumer Goods at Caliper Foods. Nicole joined Caliper with a decade of experience in product innovation and brand building across food, supplement, & personal care categories in the CPG industry, including companies like WhiteWave Foods and Unilever.

Nicole has a passion for white space innovation and uncovering consumer insights to launch meaningful better-for-you brands and products.

Nicole and her family live in Denver enjoying the outdoor lifestyle and inspiration of Colorado's natural beauty in their free time.
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Editor, CSP
Jackson Lewis is the technology and services editor for CSP. Jackson joined data research firm Technomic in 2016 as an analyst for the convenience and grocery sectors. He moved to write exclusively for CSP in early 2017 during Winsight Media’s acquisition of Technomic. Since then, Jackson has focused his reporting on sources of disruption for convenience retail. He was among the first in the industry to visit Amazon’s smart corner shop, Amazon Go, and serves as a speaker at c-store industry events. Email him at jlewis@winsightmedia.com.
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