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How Schnucks Uses Robotics & Innovation to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

About This Webinar

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Schnucks, a large midwestern grocery chain, knows that customers have options when it comes to buying their groceries, so the company works hard to differentiate itself by delivering outstanding customer experiences. One of the ways the company does that is by embracing innovation, especially robotics, which takes care of mundane and repetitive tasks and allows teammates to do what they like best: serving customers. Learn how Schnucks is using technology ahead of the holiday season to better realize its “customer first” values, and why adoption of robotics among retailers is likely to accelerate in the wake of the recent health crisis. In this webinar, you will learn:

● How Schnucks is using robotics to free up time for teammates to focus on higher value tasks, such as customer service
● How Schnucks’ cutting edge “innovation journey” is delivering powerful results that customers notice
● The different types of robotic applications that retailers can use to enhance operational efficiencies, and support workers
● The latest robotic trends and best practices that will take the retail and grocery industry into the future

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Director of Operations Support, Schnucks
Kim Anderson has been with Schnucks for 35 years and currently serves as Senior Director of Operations Support. In this position, she oversees workforce management, store cleaning/maintenance, product replenishment and operational execution of initiatives. Over the years, Kim’s overall excellence in managing various high profile issues and daily activities has allowed her to make invaluable contributions to the success of multiple projects at Schnucks.
Webinar hosting presenter
Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Application Development, Schnucks
Dave Steck joined Schnucks in 2014 and serves as Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Application Development. In total, Dave has more than 30 years of IT experience having previously worked for Express Scripts, Blue Cross Blue Shield and McDonnell Douglas. At Schnucks, Dave oversaw the introduction and expansion of robotics into the daily operations of the supermarket chain.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Analyst for the Strategic Technologies research team, ABI Research
Rian Whitton joined ABI Research as a Senior Analyst for the Strategic Technologies research team in 2017 after graduating with a Master’s degree in Science & Security from King’s College London.

During his time at ABI, Rian has delivered insight for clients on Industrial Automation, Collaborative Robotics, Mobile Robotics, unmanned aerial systems, and exoskeletons. He has also spoken at numerous international industry events, including Robo Business, Automate, ProMat, and the Boston Robotics Summit. He is often quoted in top tier press, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, and others. Additionally, he is also on the advisory board for RoboBusiness, and an advisor to VDEI.
Webinar hosting presenter
VP Sales and Business Development, Brain Corporation
Brian began his career with Brain Corporation January 2016 prior to the launch of their first autonomous auto scrubber and serves as VP of Sales. Brian's primary focus has been in the Retail/Grocery vertical. Driving ROI and increasing consistency in this key vertical is what has led to Brain Corp's success among the top Retail/Grocery partners.
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