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Wed, Jun 10, 2020 · 7:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

What the heck is a "Quizzo?" It's a local Philly term for Pub Trivia Night. Yeah, Philadelphia is known for some interesting jargon...

So grab your favorite beverage and get comfortable for an hour of exciting quizzo with the Wildside family. Enjoy lively interaction, cool questions and fun facts about North American birds and experiences.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Kevin Loughlin
Owner of Wildside Nature Tours
Kevin Loughlin was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the woodlands of Pennsylvania as a child. At age six, during a family trip through the American West, Kevin became fascinated with photography as well seeing the new and different birds throughout North America. Instilled with a love for travel and seeking new, exciting destinations he felt a desire to share his experiences with others and in 1993 he created Wildside.

Kevin’s photographs and articles have appeared in publications such as Audubon, Nature Photographer, WildBird, Birding and Philadelphia Magazines, as well as the many natural history books, most recently “Peterson’s Reference Guide to Owls of North American and the Caribbean” by Scott Weidensaul. Kevin’s current projects include co-authoring a complete revision of John Kricher's popular book “Galapagos: A Natural History.”
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Leader
Adrian, a naturalist and field ornithologist, grew up in Morocco and England where his birding experiences paved the way for a career in the birding community. A former tennis professional, Adrian also worked as an ecological landscape designer, combining a lifelong interest in wildlife with expertise in crafting native-plant landscapes, particularly wetlands and water gardens, to attract birds, butterflies and other critters.

A professional tour guide since the 1990’s, Adrian has led birding and eco-tours across five continents, for a variety of organizations and tour companies. He joined Wildside Nature Tours in 2007, leading trips to Africa, India, Brazil, Colorado, Florida and other favorite destinations. As an educator Adrian has written articles and lectured on “Landscaping for Wildlife” as well as being a regular contributor to Pond Magazines. He co-authored "Big City Birding: Philadelphia,” for the May 2001 issue of Wild Bird magazine, and produced an educational program, “Eastern Owls,” for the National Audubon Society. Adrian has attended birding festivals all across North America and abroad, serving as keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and field trip leader.

Adrian is a past president of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) in Philadelphia, one of the oldest bird clubs in the country. He competed in the World Series of Birding as a member of the Nikon/DVOC team (1997-2006), placing 1st five times including a record number of 231 species found in 24hrs in New Jersey in 2003. Adrian is currently a member of Zeiss Birding and very fond of his 8x42 Victory SF bins and Conquest 85mm scope, the latest in high definition optics.

An accomplished avian illustrator and photographer, Adrian's images regularly appear in major birding magazines and media formats. In a 2006 issue, Wild Bird magazine named Adrian one the ‘upcoming leaders to watch’! Adrian collaborated with Birding Adventures TV on several episodes including Hawk Mountain and Botswana. You may find Adrian featured on the local Philadelphia non-profit TV station, MiND TV, hosting a handful of short birding programs.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Leader
Chris has been an active birder from a very young age; he maintains that among his earliest memories is the first bird he identified without use of a field guide: a Brown-headed Cowbird in his suburban New Jersey backyard, around the age of 5. Thanks to support from a very patient family, his passion and desire to excel at bird identification was given many opportunities to mature. Early trips with his godfather to the Desert Southwest, Rocky Mountains and New England, were formative and helped to solidify the urge to pursue experience with varied habitats and birdlife.

After beginning his college career at the University of Montana, Chris took several years to gain experience through biological field work. This chapter of his life led him through jobs in 10 states and with multiple bird observatories, including breeding bird surveys in Montana, bird and habitat surveys in several other Rocky Mountain States, breeding bird atlas work in Ohio and counting migrating hawks and seabirds in Cape May and Sandy Hook, New Jersey. He most recently conducted radio-telemetry studies tracking Pine Snakes and Eastern Box Turtles in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. He continues to work towards degrees in Wildlife Biology and Plant Science.

In addition to his love of all things bird, Chris also works at a rock climbing gym in New Jersey and regularly travels to new climbing destinations in the Rocky Mountains, the Southeast and New England, and is an avid surf fisherman. He always has his binoculars with him, of course.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Leader
Alex Lamoreaux has been an avid birder and naturalist his entire life. He grew up exploring the farmland hedgerows and Appalachian ridges near Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was always outside scouring the marshlands and forests behind his childhood home for birds and other wildlife, and began banding saw-whet owls and volunteering at Hawk Mountain before he could even drive! Alex has traveled extensively throughout North America, Central America, and South Africa in pursuit of wildlife adventures and research opportunities.

Alex is a freelance biologist, wildlife photographer, and environmental educator. He has worked on a variety of avian research projects ranging from Whimbrel migration along the coast of Virginia, to threatened Yellow-billed Cuckoos nesting in the desert southwest. Alex’s main interests are in the visible migration of birds, especially raptors. He has been the migration counter at the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory for three fall seasons, documenting the massive bird movements that occur along Lake Superior. Alex loves to share his knowledge of nature, and strives to bring the birding community together to enjoy all that birds and wildlife have to offer. Alex currently resides in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, but bird-guiding takes him all over the World! As a senior guide and our North American birding specialist, Alex has a busy schedule of tours throughout the year and hopes to see you out in the field!
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