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About This Webinar

For the most part, compliance risks arise at a local level and are best managed and mitigated locally.

Localising compliance usually involves adapting the global compliance programme to meet the specific laws, regulations, obligations and cultural norms of each country or region where an organisation operates.

This exclusive members' webinar will discuss what localising means to a global compliance officer working across multiple jurisdictions, the possible challenges that may occur along the way and how to overcome them effectively.

This webinar will look at:
- identifying and addressing specific compliance risks across multiple jurisdictions or regions.
- adapting global policies and procedures to meet local requirements.
- building local compliance teams.
- communicating and coordinating with the global/local compliance team.
- providing training and awareness that is both local and global.
- dealing with challenges including complex and conflicting laws, regulations and obligations, language barriers, cultural differences, time zone differences, limited resources and maintaining standards.
- whether to localise or standardise or localise and standardise (to be flexible, consistent and effective)?