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Thursday, Nov 21, 1:00 PM AEDT · 30 minutes
This webinar is part of a multi-session recurring webinar Creator Lunchbox Interview.

Creator Lunchbox Interview

November 21, 2019 at 01:00:00 PM · Melbourne
Note: This webinar is part of the multi-session recurring webinar Creator Lunchbox Interview.
About This Webinar

Unpacking work + well-being Q&A Interviews with WE-Being Creators.
Each interview will go for approx. 20 mins with time to submit your own questions.

  • Monday - 1pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Emma Veiga-Malta, Creator of How To Create a Balanced & Beautiful Brand For Your Business.
  • Tuesday - 1pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Robyn Kyberd, Creator of the Customer Experience Audit.
  • Wednesday 1pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Leah Kearns, WE-Being's Founder and Creator of Creating your Body-of-Work.
  • Thursday 1pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Astara Vella, Creator of Clearing Emotional + Energetic Blocks for Business and Life.
  • Friday 1pm :: Unpacking work + well-being with Mandy Siegel, Creator of Speaking with Confidence
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Leah Kearns
Conscious CEO + Founder
As a work + well-being consultant I help people to strategise, design and implement in their business, to suit them.

I've scaled down big business methods for solo and small business,
to help you experience fulfillment and freedom in business.

"What I do" was a catalyst and helped me strip my identity of "who I was" to see the soul as "who I really am", my true self. It's changed my life exponentially and helps me grow, expand and amplify in all areas of my life.

These days I create time for contemplation and consciousness channelling, assisting to create shifts in the evolution of humanity through awareness, connection and community and helping others to be and become the same.

As the founder and conscious CEO of WE-Being it is my pleasure to bring the new way of work - combining work + well-being for greater vitality, awareness and ease.
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Designer | Founder
Emma Veiga-Malta runs Bespoke Backdrops & Branding, a design company which specialises in visual strategy, branding and event & video backdrops. Her 20 year career as an artist and designer spans both Europe and Australia, with clients all over the world.

She grew up in England, lived in Switzerland, where she ran a small art studio. Today she lives in Sydney with her husband & 2 teenage children. She understands the power of good design and visual resonance; connecting on an emotional level is as important as connecting on an intellectual level; 93% of communication is nonverbal.

Emma's entrepreneurial journey has opened doors and afforded her some incredible opportunities, including a stint in Silicon Valley after winning a ‘Shark Tank-style’ pitch contest. Combining art, design and business, she has spoken at conferences, events and interviewed on podcasts and has been featured in the national media.

She also mentors at The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, helping early-stage businesses grow and thrive. Emma's 'Why' is to make life & business more beautiful - to encourage businesses to show up as the best version of themselves on video, at events and online.

Standing out from the crowd is vital in today’s saturated and noisy market place, and establishes a subliminal and powerful connection with your clients, staff, prospects and followers.
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Founder | Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer
Robyn Kyberd is a digital marketer and business development consultant at Optimise and Grow Online, a haven for visionary entrepreneurs and small businesses who seek custom business and marketing strategies to suit their unique business and personality.

Known for her data-driven decision-making, Robyn has a talent for uncovering hidden insights and using them to build connections between your ideas and your customers in ways to amplify your business growth and momentum.
She is also incredibly good at identifying, fixing and automating all the I’m-not-thinking-about-that processes that are costing clients time, energy, and income.

Find her at ​optimiseandgrowonline.com.au​, where you can find new ways to optimise and grow your business.
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Founder
Astara is passionate about co-creating creative natural living experiences that support humanity in connecting in with their heart centres and in with nature.

With her extensive 12 year background in workshop and retreat facilitation, Astara blends her qualifications and experience of Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Meditation Facilitation, Visual Arts, Permaculture and Wisdom Circles to create wholehearted and uplifting experiences.

She is a co-author of a collaborative published book titled ‘Spiritual Conversations’ and endeavours to share video, audio and written resources online and face-to-face across a variety of platforms including WE-Being.

Astara tours around Australia and internationally to share workshops and retreats to enhance the living experience of people by inviting deeper connections to their hearts through creativity, community and the land.
Webinar hosting presenter
WE-Being Creator | Voice Coach & Trainer | Founder
Mandy’s purpose is to inspire women to speak from the heart, spread their message with joy and confidence and grow their career and business by being authentically YOU!

Mandy is a holistic and super creative being. As a singer, performer and presenter with extensive experience in Human Resources, Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy she is fully equipped with a tonne of knowledge and life experience to help you find your true voice from the inside out.

She is convinced that when people speak their true voice and “Sing” in their lives - both literally and metaphorically - they ‘light up’ and in turn ‘light up’ others. That is how she facilitates change in the world.

Never before has there been a better time for you to be your true self and SHINE!
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