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Green Landscape Technology Virtual Town Hall

About This Webinar

The Green Landscape Technology Campaign has been initiated as a partnership with communities to transition villages and neighborhoods staff from gas-powered landscape equipment to being electrically operated. This initiative is focused around raising awareness towards the adverse health impacts of gas-powered technology and building educational materials.

  • Barriers to New Technology
  • Municipality Adoption
  • Adverse Health Impacts
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Darnell L Johnson
CEO, Urban Efficiency Group, LLC
Webinar hosting presenter
Superintendent of Parks & Planning for the Park District of Oak Park
Chris Lindgren has been with the Park District since 2013 and has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. Major responsibilities are the maintenance and upkeep of all 18 parks, 22 facilities, capital project management, and ADA Coordinator. He has installed rain water harvesting systems saving over 1.25 million gallons of water annually, 1400 solar pv panels totaling 885 kW over 10 facilities, increased energy efficiency and reduced overall energy usage by 30% across the district, lowered his fleet’s fuel usage by through no idling and routing changes, installed green infrastructure to reduce storm water, built an all-electric near net zero LEED Platinum Environmental Education Center & an all-electric Passive House Certified Net Zero Verified Center ( only the 2nd verified in the state) and much more. Chris also put together the agency’s first Sustainability Plan to lay out a roadmap for the future. Much of this work has come from grants he has received from a variety of sources. Current projects include a greenhouse gas inventory of all PDOP operations, an all-electric Net Zero Community Recreation Center and plans for electrification of its other facilities. Lastly, Chris continues to be an advocate for the environment by speaking in front of multiple audiences to educate them on sustainable topics such as energy, water, transportation, waste, education, and advocacy.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director of Sustainability at Urban Efficiency Group
As the Director of Sustainability, I serve as the liaison between Urban Efficiency Group and its stakeholders through a community engagement strategy in support of the strategic direction outlined in the C4 Guidebook. Furthermore, I develop relationships that lead to the adoption of Eco-Community best practices and increasing public awareness of C4 and Urban Efficiency Group’s various programs, services, and initiatives.
Through my years of education at Valparaiso University, I focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society. Serving as an aid in the Office of Multicultural Programs I was first introduced to the concept of sustainability and how it ultimate always effects the community. Working alongside Darnell Johnson and our C4 partners we’re able to create transparency with intentionality and inclusivity in all our approaches.
My passions have always aligned with community development, mentorship, and emerging technology. At Urban Efficiency Group, we serve as catalyst to help communities become aware of any potential technology transitions. We also offer opportunities to be a part of these inevitable emerging markets. It’s important for us to remain cognizant of all the opportunities and possible challenges that may exist in the future, so it’s my pleasure to serve in any way possible for Urban Efficiency Group and C4.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chair of the Chicago Wilderness Alliance Climate Committee
Trained as a landscape architect, Ted is a thought leader on the intersections of functional landscape ecology, community resilience, and climate solutions and strategies. Blending thoughtful approach to design and strategic thinking, Ted works to analyze and connect the natural world to the built environment through the integration of innovative and contextually based best management practices, policy, and conservation ideology. A former employee of Openlands, Ted held dual roles as a Landscape Architect and Climate Fellow where he served as the Owner’s Representative for Openlands construction projects and headed climate change strategy implementation that focused on community resilience and nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change impacts such as heat and flooding. Prior to working at Openlands, Ted served as Senior Associate and Project Manager with Terry Guen Design Associates, a landscape architecture firm specializing in public and institutional landscape design.
Webinar hosting presenter
Riverside Landscape Advisory Commission Representative
Eve is a mother, a naturalist, a volunteer, and was a professional biologist at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for over 18 years. When she isn't camping in the woods of the Midwest, she can probably be found planting native plants in her yard, working with horses, or talking to someone about fish.
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