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Heating flats: Overcoming the challenges of zero-emission heating in Scottish tenements

About This Webinar

Do you wonder if heat pumps are workable in tenement flats? What about district heating/heat networks? And what does the Government need to do to ensure flat owners have the support and resources they need to meet the proposed net zero requirements soon to be set out?

Join Under One Roof at 11am on Thursday 31st August, as we host a discussion about the challenges and opportunities for tenement owners around the future of zero net carbon heating in tenement flats.

In this webinar we’ll be joined by Gillian Campbell, Communications and Public Affairs Lead at the Existing Homes Alliance, and Fabrice Leveque, Climate and Energy Policy Manager at WWF Scotland. Each have significant experience working in housing and net zero heating, and will be discussing recent research they have conducted on the coming transition to net zero carbon heating in Scottish homes.  

As part of the webinar, we will examine what the future might bring for tenement flat owners in Scotland, but also seeking feedback on what support you need from the Government when it comes to changing how your flat is heated.

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Communications and Public Affairs Lead at the Existing Homes Alliance
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Climate and Energy Policy Manager at WWF Scotland
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