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While only some forms of crime can benefit from crypto, all forms of investigations stand to benefit from an understanding of crypto and on-chain data.

In the first session of this series, we’ll cover the foundations of identifying evidence related to cryptocurrency in everyday investigations and what actions to take to progress an investigation.

Join Part 1 to learn more about:
* The fundamentals of blockchain intelligence
* How to recognize and triage crypto artifacts
* What initial steps to take in an investigation involving crypto
Global Investigations
As a member of the Global Investigations Team at TRM Labs, Rita spends her days conducting on-chain investigations into hacks, fraud, and trans-national organized cybercriminals. She is also passionate about training, particularly for law enforcement, when it comes to investigations involving cryptocurrencies and defi. She helps build TRM Academy, the self-serve learning platform for all things cryptocurrency risk management serving the public sector, compliance professionals, and crypto businesses alike.

As a former Special Agent with the U. S. Secret Service, Rita was the lead case agent responsible for several complex financially motivated cybercrime investigations. Her former casework targeted high-risk cryptocurrency exchanges and other infrastructure that allowed top-tier cybercriminals to operate with impunity and anonymity. As a trained network intrusion responder, Ms. Martin also brings expertise of real-time event analysis, malware typing, and web application security to the team at TRM.
Director of UK Public Sector Relations, TRM Labs
Phil Ariss is Director of UK Public Sector Relations at TRM Labs, where he draws on more than 15 years of law enforcement experience in cybercrime, cryptocurrency investigations and digital research to maximize cryptocurrency investigation capabilities for law enforcement across the UK. 

In his former role as National Coordinator for Cryptocurrencies and Virtual Assets for the NPCC Cybercrime Programme, Mr. Ariss focused on ensuring that the UK public had confidence in law enforcement’s ability to bring offenders to justice and deny criminals the benefits of crime, by building awareness on how cryptocurrencies are being used to facilitate criminality in both the UK and internationally.

During his time with the NPCC, Mr. Ariss led a training programme for nearly 1,000 officers and staff, who now act as tactical advisors in cases involving cryptocurrencies. Mr. Ariss was also responsible for the standardization of the UK’s approach to seizure, restraint and confiscation of cryptocurrencies.