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Why The Recruiting Model is Broken (and How to Fix It)

About This Webinar

The old recruiting model is broken. It just doesn’t work well anymore.

Very few companies are using technology well for recruitment.

Either they've made their process too cold, too complicated, or in extreme circumstances - they've lost all humanity.

On the other end of the spectrum are the companies who get too lost in personality to really accurately assess how candidates will perform.

In both circumstances, the best people don't get hired.

To make matters worse, the competition is getting tougher for employers. Highly qualified candidates for niche technical positions are in big demand. Yet most recruiting firms haven’t changed their strategies.

In this webinar you'll learn 8+ reasons why the old ways of recruiting just doesn't work well in 2016, and what your company needs to do in order to attract the best talent.

We'll cover ways to quickly find the best people without spending a fortune in expensive commissions - and why using the old ways usually costs a lot more in salaries without always getting the best results.

In fact - the old ways of recruiting work even worse with challenging positions or without a large budget.

This webinar is perfect for HR professionals, hiring managers, and executives who need to deliver best-in-class recruiting results to meet their company's standards.

We'll discuss some advanced recruiting strategies that get great results in 2016, as well as the key elements that have to be in place before you get started in order to succeed.

  • Why the recruiting model is broken
  • What hiring managers, HR and executives need to do in order to get great people
  • How changes in the marketplace have impacted recruiting
  • The biggest mistake companies make when screening candidates
  • Why the right design of the hiring process is key to getting the best results
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Webinar hosting presenter Aaron McManus
As the founder of Transformative Talent, Aaron leads a team of people to help companies create talent pipelines and recruiting systems that attract the best candidates. Aaron has helped dozens of businesses to reach and exceed aggressive growth goals by transforming the stories, systems and processes used to engage people.
Webinar hosting presenter Nancy McInroy
Director of Talent Services
Nancy has 20 years of experience as a leader, hiring manager and deal closer - primarily forging strong relationships between major corporations, foundations, nonprofits and philanthropists.

Nancy's remarkable combination of emotional intelligence and business acumen brings critical insights and attraction strategies for Transformative Talent's clients.
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