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To Get Your Dream Job, Change Your Story. Here's How.

About This Webinar

Looking to change jobs or get hired?

You've gotta tell your best story.

Not only that, your story needs to match the organization - or you risk not getting hired.

This webinar will show you why the story you tell matters so much - and how the pieces of your story (your resume, LinkedIn profile, your interview talking points, etc) must demonstrate how your career focus intersects with the strategic need of the company.

You'll get deep insights into the recruiting process gained from over 1,000 interviews (on both sides) for hundreds of companies - as well as powerful stories, strategies, tricks and techniques to get hired.

Aaron McManus (your host) has worked with over 72 companies across all kinds of industries - including financial services, real estate, restaurants, engineering, manufacturing, IT, software, law firms, professional services, accounting, HR, marketing, and more.

You'll learn what recruiters for top employers like Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Nordstrom and KPMG are looking to hear from candidates to move them forward.

You'll learn how to research companies to find out the inside scoop, and who you have to talk to before you apply at any company.

Plus, you'll find out the "strategic plan of attack" - the targeted campaign approach that candidates have used to get hired that works 10x better than just sending a resume to HR and hoping to hear back.

We'll talk about the differences between major employers, small-to-mid-sized businesses and startups - and why each offers great career opportunities, if you know how to capture them.

If you're looking for career growth and strategic evolution - and you're ready to take control of your future - grab your seat in this webinar now!

  • How to Overcome The Emotionally Horrible Job Search Process
  • How to Research Employers and Find Your Dream Job
  • How to Tell An Extremely Powerful Career Story
  • Essential Elements Every Story Must Have
  • How to Script Your Future Role at Work
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Webinar hosting presenter Aaron McManus
As the founder of Transformative Talent, Aaron leads a team of people to help companies create talent pipelines and recruiting systems that attract the best candidates. Aaron has helped dozens of businesses to reach and exceed aggressive growth goals by transforming the stories, systems and processes used to engage people.
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