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Powerful Interview Strategies for Executives, HR & Hiring Managers

About This Webinar

Want to quickly identify exceptional performers who can help grow your company?

This webinar will accelerate your hiring skills to make you a better leader.

We'll cover the common mistakes that are made with hiring, like:
- What most managers do that dooms their interviews from the start
- When you should avoid screening for "personality" at all costs
- Why most managers ask the wrong questions
- How to avoid wasting your time interviewing the wrong people

Then we'll dive deep into the core questions you *should* be asking -- along with some simple but highly effective techniques to evaluate candidate responses.

I'll show you some super-easy ways to divide hiring duties around your team (and why you should always use a team hiring approach), and the essential collaborative techniques that you must use in order to get the best results from hiring.

I'll also explain why you have to connect the core strategy of each position to each hire - and why hiring in this specific way will dramatically improve engagement, morale and performance for everyone involved.

This webinar is a must for any manager, executive or leader who needs great people in order to reach the company's goals.

You'll increase your emotional intelligence, business storytelling, listening and awareness -- all key components of excellent hiring.

I've spent over 15 years interviewing and hiring thousands of candidates for all kinds of positions - while training people to become better at the core relationship and engagement skills that allow them to grow.

I've read thousands of books, articles and research papers on the psychological and scientific qualities that accelerate performance in the workplace.

My goal is to condense everything I've learned about interviewing into one master class. Please join - and bring all your toughest questions.

Space is limited, so sign up now!

  • Why interviewing is one of the top business skills you need to succeed
  • Common mistakes interviewers make with candidates
  • How to (simply) evaluate any person's future performance potential
  • Why connecting the strategic need of each position is essential (and how to do it)
  • How to engage your team for hiring while improving morale, engagement and performance
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As the founder of Transformative Talent, Aaron leads a team of people to help companies create talent pipelines and recruiting systems that attract the best candidates. Aaron has helped dozens of businesses to reach and exceed aggressive growth goals by transforming the stories, systems and processes used to engage people.
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