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How We Hired 20+ Top Performing Engineers for <$2k/Hire

About This Webinar

Need to hire a lot of people fast?

You've gotta check this out.

I'll tell you exactly how I dove into a recruiting mess, helped clean it up - and got 20+ high quality engineers hired in one of the most competitive markets in the country (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose & Silicon Valley) for less than $2k/hire.

This was a shoestring budget situation, so anyone who is looking to get great results without spending a lot of time or money needs to check this out.

- I'll show you the "secret technology" we used to help push ads out to 150+ job boards at once.

- I'll show you my personal secret formula for writing killer job ads that get 8x the response from top candidates (and why it works).

- I'll show you how to save 90% of the time wasted on interviewing poor candidates up front in the pre-screening process.

- I'll show you how to help connect your company's hiring process, strategic vision, mission, purpose and culture in ways that dramatically boost engagement, morale and profits.

Plus a whole lot more!

It's a can't miss webinar... anyone who needs quality hiring for the success of their job must watch this - but only if you're ready to break out of the ordinary and get exceptional results (you have to be willing to do things in a different way).

Sign up now, space is limited!

  • - I'll show you what was *essential* for us to put in place right at the beginning (a lot of people miss this step and don't realize how much time/money it costs them later - it's super simple and makes all the difference).
  • - I'll show you a few segments of the recruiting process that you can quickly put on auto-pilot.
  • - I'll show you what we did at the company to help prep them to make high quality hires fast and how we helped lower the stress of hiring managers, HR & leadership.
  • - I'll show you the "employer value proposition" magic formula that helps to dramatically boost the quality of candidates while reducing overhead expenses.
  • - I'll show you the "employment branding scorecard" we used to evaluate the engineering firm's perception by top candidates.
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As the founder of Transformative Talent, Aaron leads a team of people to help companies create talent pipelines and recruiting systems that attract the best candidates. Aaron has helped dozens of businesses to reach and exceed aggressive growth goals by transforming the stories, systems and processes used to engage people.
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