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11 Steps to Talent Mastery (The Secrets of Irresistible Attraction)

About This Webinar

Want to gain managerial mastery over hiring?

This webinar will help you start developing the team-based talent strategy you need to attract, retain and manage for peak performance.

Did you know that the top 5% of employees bring in 26% of the revenue? Or that peak performers typically produce 400-800% more results than others?

If you're hiring people or managing a team, you won't want to miss this valuable webinar.

You'll learn:

- How to overcome fierce competition for top talent (even when you can't offer huge salaries)

- The #1 managerial trait that inspires people to follow you anywhere and deliver their best work (plus how you can grow that trait no matter who you are)

- Why this unique Talent Strategy process works for business of any size, managers at any level, and any group of people working together for common goals (hint: behavioral science and organizational psychology)

Plus, you'll learn the steps of building your unique talent strategy:
- Analyze current situation and evaluating your team structure/roles
- Incorporating deep fun (not silly games, but meaningful fun) into your talent attraction
- Creating performance expectations
- Benefiting from predictive performance analysis
- Defining tenure & transitions
- Creating candidate scorecards
- Developing compelling hooks
- Designing mini-campaigns
- Measuring, assessing and improving your talent strategy
- Enhancing transformational leadership to build your career

There's a lot of great material to cover with a ton of impact on your bottom line.

Building a great talent strategy can get incredible (yet achievable) results within the first year (for each team):
• Revenue increased by >31%
• Quota/target attainment increased by >19%
• Turnover reduced by >18%
• Time to hire lowered by >27%
• Engagement/morale increased by >15%

You'll learn the essential fundamentals of the process and get huge insights into why it works.

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  • Understanding the Need for Team-Based Talent Strategy - Big forces impacting the talent market
  • The most important talent to target
  • 11 steps to developing a talent strategy
  • Deeper understanding of the behavioral science and data showing why this works
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