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The Real Estate Summit Online

About This Webinar

This is a 3-part workshop that takes place from Nov 14-16th, 7pmEST - 830pm EST

***When you purchase this ticket, you will see that it only says Nov 14th 7pm EST, that is just the start date and time! The workshop is 3 days long and the ticket price includes all 3 days.

Here is the full schedule: http://thekeyresource.info/realestatesummitschedule

  • How to Get Your First Rental Property by House Hacking
  • How To Build Wealth with Rental Property + Plus a Real Look at What It Takes To Be a Landlord
  • The Difference Between Tax Deeds & Tax Liens +How To Find Tax Deed Properties in Your State
  • What it Takes to Successfully Flip a Property
  • Wholesaling 101: How to Find Your First Deal + How to Analyze a Deal
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Featured Presenters
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The Property Maven
Sabrina Robinson is a 31 year old real estate investor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sabrina bought her first home at the age of 21 and has since been involved in more than 10 home buying and selling transactions. She currently owns 5 properties, 4 of which are rentals. Sabrina started a real estate investing consulting website after being asked by numerous co-workers to teach them her home buying strategies. She manages all properties on her own and believes that all young people should start looking at real estate as a means to financial freedom and a secure retirement plan.
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Cleveland 10k Homes
Anita “Nita” Davidson is a real estate investor and educator from Cleveland, Oh specializing in wholesaling, a strategy that allowed her to acquire real estate with NO CASH or CREDIT. Nita is a native Clevelander with a heart for the city and its residents; her goal is create happy, healthy neighborhoods for the people of Cleveland. After completing over 100 wholesale deals, Nita has been able to automate and scale her business to include rehab projects and rental properties.
With a passion for the people and the knowledge to go along, Nita is determined to help educate and empower people around the power of real estate. “Young black people are underrepresented in the real estate industry, this is a huge problem, and WE must address it internally”-Nita
In her spare time Nita loves to read, dine out, and travel...and most importantly she’s a diehard Lebron James fan! Go Cavs!
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Hood Estates
Paki has been in the Real Estate world for over 14 years as a Investor and consultant. Most of his success has been through purchasing tax deeds in Florida properties for over 10 years. He has created a nice portfolio of real estate in Jacksonville, Florida in low income areas "labeled the hood". Buying in the hood birthed his brand Hoodestates. Paki and his team run a full operation which includes acquisitions, rehab/construction and property management. Through Hoodestates they bring change to the community and use their social media platform to motivate, inspire and give tips in real estate. Paki is a strong leader in business and to his family. He constantly uses his success to reach one and teach one, knowing that if he plants a seed in good soil it will grow!
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Charm City Buyers
Charm City Buyers was founded when Kyara & Khalil purchased their first property in Connecticut in September of 2012. They had an idea that they wanted to build their own Empire, so they developed a plan to do it! Starting completely from scratch, with no formal training, (which they don’t at all recommend) this was no easy task to accomplish.
Now that they have built their own blueprint for success - including 18 rental units and buying a block of properties in Baltimore, MD - they are dedicated to educating others how you too can build your own Real Estate empire, individual wealth and a legacy for the next generation.
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HBCU Realty Fund
The HBCU Realty Fund, a subsidiary of HBCU Wall Street, founded by Jamerus Payton and Torrence Reed, is an investment vehicle for real estate and home ownership that serves as a solution for the revitalization of communities around our nation’s HBCUs. In order for our institutions to remain competitive and attractive with other institutions, we must remove the stigma often associated with their host communities. By decreasing dilapidated the housing around them, our mission is to help decrease poor services, street crime and general economic suffering. Additionally, many prospective students and parents will have to focus less on the safety and and appearances of the communities around our historical institutions and more on the quality of education
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