The World Tapping Circle

EFT is a tool for the times!

The World Tapping Circle is a come-as-you-are, self-empowering, global Tapping experience live streamed for members every week.

Tap along with EFT Master Practitioner Sonya Sophia and other EFT experts trained by Sonya Sophia.

Release stress, heal your heart, and master your mind—in the privacy of your home. Because happy, healthy people create a happy, healthy world!
When Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 8:00 PM CDT Duration 1 hour Dial-in available (listen only):
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What Happens When You Tap
How Your Body Processes During EFT: “Offgassing"
How to Personalize a Tapping Session
How & Why: The Core Causes Questions
Aftercare Tips
Dealing with Resistance to Tapping
Circle Host
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    Magnus Ritzell
    Advanced EFT Practitioner & Circle Host
    “EFT is all about choosing love — this is when the powerful healing begins.”

    Magnus Ritzell loves supporting others in bringing understanding into our individual alignments with life. You’ll see him regularly in The World Tapping Circle’s weekly live streams as the EFT facilitator. He’s worked with Sonya Sophia since March 2015. Since then, he completed 8 of Sonya’s EFT Practitioner Trainings, serving as a Teaching Assistant during 7 of them.

    In his free time, Magnus loves going to ecstatic dance. He also loves the Shamanic practices of sweat lodges and believes in the power of ceremony.

    Magnus is an EFT Practitioner in Austin and runs his own wellness business, Tapping Alignment. He’s led public Tapping circles in Austin and at Festivals around the United States.

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    Johna Goldenflame
    EFT Master Practitioner & Circle Host
    In 2005, Johna began working with Sonya Sophia and using EFT as her primary healing modality. She was quickly able to recover from extreme sexual trauma in her childhood and heal her PTDS and addiction to drugs and alcohol. After experiencing radical success with recovery, she knew she had to support others.

    Now, Johna specializes in working with mission-driven people who are actively working toward the betterment of society and the environment. Her clients learn to cultivate a connection to their intuition to live bolder, more bliss-filled, creative life paths.

    “The need to seek healing and address debilitating emotional and physical pain put me on a path that resulted in cultivating a life that is far more extraordinary than I had ever dared to hope was possible for me. I am living proof that healing is not only possible, but that a path of healing leads to profound joy, freedom, and peace.”

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