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Feeding the Future: Implementing Practical Food-Tech Innovations in 2024

About This Webinar

The food and beverage (F&B) industry underwent a technological revolution, and staying ahead of the curve had never been more critical. From data analytics and robotics to cloud computing and GenAI, F&B companies navigated a fast-paced landscape of innovation. Understanding these technologies was one thing, but implementing them effectively was a whole new challenge.

Watch The Food Institute's webinar, where we explored the essential technologies that food companies should consider integrating into their strategic plans in 2024. Waqqas Mahmood of Marcum Technology, provided practical insights into the return on investment (ROI), cost management, and growth potential associated with the adoption of these key technologies.

Key Webinar Highlights:

• Innovations Shaping the F&B Industry: Participants learned about the latest technological advancements and how they were reshaping the F&B landscape.

• Practical Implementation Strategies: Valuable insights were gained into how to practically integrate key technologies into F&B businesses for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

• ROI and Growth Potential: Participants discovered how adopting these technologies could positively impact their bottom line and drive growth.

• Expert Guidance: Participants benefited from the experience and expertise of Waqqas Mahmood, who provided real-world examples and best practices for successful technology integration.

Whether you are a seasoned F&B professional or just starting your journey in the industry, this webinar is a must-watch for any food and beverage company executive.


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Marcum LLP’s Food & Beverage Services group has the perfect recipe of knowledge and service capabilities to help companies stay flexible. Marcum’s professionals provide the accounting, tax, and consulting services so that companies can concentrate on the growth of their business. Marcum serves a variety of food and beverage clients including distributors and manufacturers, importers, restaurant chains, processors and packaging, agribusinesses, and retailers. For more information, please visit https://www.marcumllp.com/industries/food-beverage.

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Director - Strategic IT Consulting, Marcum Technology
Waqqas Mahmood is a director in Marcum Technology’s Strategic IT Consulting group. He has been in the innovation space for almost two decades, helping organizations architect their digital future. Waqqas believes in creating a culture of innovation that nurtures new technologies and media that promote powerful and engaging solutions. He has a strong background in digital product management, human-centered design, and business transformation.

Waqqas brings to Marcum a solid understanding of structured strategy consulting from his experiences in the digital advisory practices at “Big Four” accounting and other national professional services firms. He has advised clients on digital strategy, IT modernization, customer experience, business process optimization and innovation, and has influenced mission-critical decisions by demonstrating strategic business needs and areas for operational performance improvement. He has hands-on technical program management experience and a solid track record of collaboration with colleagues, technology vendors, and partners.
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