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Understanding Sexual Violence Prevention within Sports Culture

Wed, Aug 19, 2020 · 2:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Thousands of folks across Connecticut from all walks of life make up the vibrant sports community- from parents of athletes to coaches to athletic directors to mascots. Each person plays a role in creating a space for young athletes to challenge themselves and strive for success.

Many studies show that coaching staff often are the adults spending the most time with young athletes, which means that their athletes are very often looking to their coaches as models of behavior and for advice on some of life's toughest challenges. As they engage with their athletes about on the field and off the field issues, coaches have the unique opportunity to model pro-social behavior including being an active and aware member in your community taking a stand against violence.

This virtual huddle explores the dynamics of sexual violence and the many attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to a culture that perpetuates and sustains sexual violence. Resources for supporting victims will be provided as well as tools and talking points you can use to better understand this issue and communicate about it effectively with your team, athlete, athletic department, or community.

Because we know it takes an entire community to take a stand against violence, this training is open to all in the sports community, and folks are provided with helpful steps in getting the coaches in their lives involved in this work this coming year!

Participants will receive a free downloadable copy of The Playbook- a resource guide designed specifically to support coaches in understanding and modeling ways of taking a stand against violence.

Who We Are:
The Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative (SVPC), brought together and made possibly by Fairfield County's Community Foundation Fund for Women and Girls, consists of members from five nonprofits across Fairfield County. Together, we created training modules for coaches and those who interact with athletes on a regular basis, specifically on how to eliminate sexual violence within sports. We’re incredibly grateful to be able to do this work, especially at times like this, when anti-violence protests are at the forefront of our communities.

Participating organizations include The Center for Family Justice, The Rowan Center, Triangle Community Center, Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, and YWCA Greenwich.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Youth Engagement and Community Educator
Rosie Enyart is the Youth Engagement and Community Educator at YWCA Greenwich Domestic Abuse Services. Her work involves engaging youth in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Prior to coming to the YWCA, Rosie was a sexual assault crisis counselor.

In her free time, Rosie enjoys hanging out with her dog Edie.
Webinar hosting presenter
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Marie is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at The Rowan Center, but started as a Community Educator. In that role, Marie engaged participants of all ages throughout lower Fairfield County in thought-provoking and discussion-based education programs and workshops about sexual violence. Marie holds an MA in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice from Queen’s University Belfast. Throughout her education, Marie’s research centered around the systematic use of sexual violence during the Yugoslav Wars spanning the 1990s and the recognition of rape as a crime against humanity within the international legislative sphere.
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