About This Webinar
On July 8th 2020, the EU parliament has adopted a major reform of the road transport sector, also known as Mobility package I. This new reform aims at improving drivers’ working conditions, defining clear rules on posting of drivers, and ensuring better enforcement to fight illegal practices. A new version of Smart Tachograph, so called Smart Tachograph Version 2, will be introduced by Mid-2023 to support these new rules.

As a card manufacturer, Thales took part of the discussion and was part of the Group of Experts of the EU commission while defining the new specification.

With the Smart Tachograph Version 2, we target to support new use cases, for example: automatic border crossing detection, load/unload information recording, and increase of driving and resting time records. As a result, new tachograph cards will need to be introduced in the field to guarantee the security and privacy of the new data needed to enable these use cases.

Thales is fully committed to Road Safety in Europe. In this decisive moment, you can rely on us to accompany you through this evolvement.



Introduction of the new regulation by Bernardo Martinez, Legislative officer at Directorate General for Mobility and Transport – European Commission

Presentation by Anibal Castillo, Road Safety Documents, Product Line Manager at Thales

As a trusted partner, Thales will help you to meet these new regulations smoothly and on time.

Topics for discussion will include:
• The new regulation
• What are the impacts? What is it imply from the card perspective?
• What is expected from you?
• Thales approach

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    Bernardo Martínez
    Policy officer in the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (European Commission)
    Bernardo Martínez holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ICAI, Madrid. He is working for the Commission since 2010, where he started as expert on emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Since 2015, he is responsible in the European Commission for the technical legislation on digital and smart tachographs.
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    Anibal Castillo
    Road Safety Documents, Product Line Manager at Thales
    Anibal Castillo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from USB, Venezuela. He joined Gemalto (now Thales) in 2005, where he has occupied important positions such as Head of Training & Consulting Services for Telecom Business Unit, Head of Indirect Channel Marketing for Telecom Products, and Business Owner for Banking Issuance Solutions. Currently, he is responsible for the Road Safety Documents Product Line in our Identity and Biometric Solutions Business Line.