About This Webinar
Mobility, how Smart can it be ?

2020 has brought many challenges that we need to tackle in 2021 and beyond.

From Intercity and cross border Travel to Urban Mobility, digitalisation is shaping the rail industry.
In the new normal world we focus more than ever on capacity, reducing costs and building up resilience. And we’re achieving all of this digitally with a focus on standardization and safety.

Join us to our first ever digital show dedicated to mobility for:
… product launches
… insightful discussions about the digitalisation
Watch our tech showcase their innovation, get the big picture and ask for more!
We shared a vision. Now it’s time for real solutions.

Contact us at: thalestransport@thalesgroup.com. Our experts will address all questions you may have.
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    Asha Sumputh
    Presenter & Journalist
    Born and raised in Mauritius, I grew up in a cosmopolitan and English & French speaking island, where I studied in a very demanding educational system, based on the British model.

    I graduated both from the Cambridge University, and a Masters in Economics and Business Management from Sorbonne University, in Paris.

    Today, I'm an Entrepreneur, Television Journalist with a background in Economics, Finance and Politics. You can watch my monthly show "Sustainable Energy" on CNBC and weekly shows Business Africa and Initiative Africa, broadcast in fifty countries, highlighting the economic and political news on the African continent.
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    Millar Crawford
    Executive Vice-President, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Millar Crawford has worked in the fields of defence and transport in the UK, Australia and France, in different management roles ranging from engineering and acquisitions to project management and operations, as well as several executive management positions.

    Passionate about the industry’s contribution to societal challenges, such as sustainable and seamless mobility, he is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Thales’ Ground Transportation Systems business since 2014.

    Millar Crawford is a graduate in mechanical & electronics engineering. He joined Thales in 1981.
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    Amaury Jourdan
    Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, Ground Transportation, Thales
    With more than 10 years experience as VP Technical at Thales in Networks, Communications, Security, Cybersecurity and Transport, Amaury Jourdan has extensive knowledge in industrial solutions for customers who operate critical systems, very demanding in terms of reliability, safety and performance.

    Amaury is leading innovation and digital transformation in Thales Rail Signalling & Supervision systems calling on all of Thales's technologies, such as sensors, connectivity, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, with a strong focus on safety.

    A graduate of École Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, he was a member of French IHEST Ministry of Research Scientific Mission in 2012.
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    Jose-Luis Arana Bidaurrazaga
    Sales & Marketing Manager, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Jose Luis Arana is Marketing Manager for the Integrated Communication and Supervision (ICS) activities of Thales. As part of this role since 2018, Jose Luis build the materials and drives the promotion of Thales portfolio and innovations across all domains worldwide.

    Jose Luis is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Basque Country University (Spain) with more than 25 years of experience working in Ground Transportation domain and mainly on Integrated Operational Control Centres.

    Following several positions as software engineer and operations manager, from 2008, Jose Luis was International Sales Manager in Signalling and Telecoms, following multiple accounts in Latin America, Africa and Australia.
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    Dr Amine Arezki
    Chief Autonomy Leader, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Dr. Amine Arezki is a TEDx speaker and holds a PhD in Robotics as well as a Master in Robotics and Smart Systems acquired through his studies in France and the USA. He started his career in the field of robotics for medical applications in New Jersey (USA) and then joined Thales Transportation France in 2008 as hardware project manager.

    Since then, Amine worked in different positions within the Group, before joining the Strategy in 2015, first as Product Line Manager for field element products and today, leading the autonomous train strategy helping the railways to build the new mobility revolution.
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    Laurent Bellet
    System Architect, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Laurent Bellet is a system architect for the Revenue Collection Systems (RCS) activities of Thales, a business line that delivers solutions for automatic fare collection, free flow road tolling, car parks, fleet management and road traffic control.

    Laurent started his career working as software engineer for companies especially in space technology and joined the transportation industry in 1992. He participated in the design and deployment of major intermodal fare collection systems in EMEA and APAC regions.

    He graduated from Grenoble INP, Institute of Engineering and Management, ENSIMAG school, as computer science engineer.
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    Arnaud Besse
    Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Arnaud Besse is the Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communications for the Urban Rail Signalling business line and is based in Toronto, Canada.

    Arnaud has a double bachelor degree in Commerce & Social Sciences from ICADE (University Pontificia Comillas) in Madrid, Spain and ESC Reims, France. He also holds a Global Executive MBA from INSEAD.

    Arnaud joined Thales in 2001 and spent the first part of his career as a Market Analyst for Defense & Aerospace domains both in Washington DC and in Paris. He then moved into the transport domain where he worked across Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Services and Bid management. Since 2005, Arnaud has worked with Public Transport Operators in all continents sharing knowledge about Thales solutions and/or exploring possible paths of innovation.
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    Franck Butterlin-Fillon
    Product Line Manager, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Franck Butterlin-Fillon has more than 30 years experience in mobility, mass transit, e-payment & ticketing, with a constant focus in electronic payment and ITS issues across all his career.

    Since 2018, Franck is the Operation Control Centre Product Line Manager for the Integrated Communication and Supervision (ICS) activities of Thales. As part of this role, he is managing products and solutions, including Fix Asset Supervision & Scada, Train Control System for metro, Maintenance Diagnostic System and an integration platform to deliver a comprehensive OCC system.

    In 2012, Franck joined Thales as part of Revenue Collection Systems business lines to manage the strategy and product policy for mass transit ticketing, road tolling and parking businesses.
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    Chloe Jackson
    Communications Manager, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Chloe Jackson manages the global communications for the Urban Rail Signalling business line based in Toronto, Canada. Since joining Thales in 2018, Chloe has worked in both Australia and Canada within the marketing and communications space, with a strong focus on global transportation projects.
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    Stéphanie Joudrier
    Security and Video Analytics Product Line Manager, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Stéphanie Joudrier joined Thales in 2012 as part of the joint Thales/CEA Visionlab where she led several European and French national R&D projects in the fields of urban security, public transport security, video analytics and smart sensors.

    Since 2017, she is the Security & Video Product Line Manager for the Integrated Communication and Supervision (ICS) activities of Thales.
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    Walter Kinio
    Vice President, Research and Innovation, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Walter Kinio is responsible for Research and Innovation for Thales Urban Rail Signalling and is based in Toronto, Canada. Walter works closely together with the product, engineering and strategy teams to create new and innovative solutions for the urban transportation market. Since 2016, he has lead the train autonomy research and new product introduction activities.

    Walter has worked on Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems since 1983 in a progression of engineering and management roles and is recognized as a Senior Expert on CBTC by Thales.
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    Carlotta Lorin
    Marketing Manager, Ground Transportation, Thales
    Carlotta Lorin joined Thales in 2012 as documentation and training manager for mass transit ticketing systems.

    Since 2014, she is marketing manager for Revenue Collection Systems solutions and TRANSCITY™ mobility platform for mass transit payment.