About This Webinar
Railway telecommunications have experienced tremendous developments in the past 30 years.
On the flipside, the deployment of multiple services with varying levels of requirements has created multiple separate networks, resulting in complex and expensive operations with slowed innovation.
Is this unavoidable, is there a simple and cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise safety?
Join this webinar to hear our team of experts explain how next gen communication technologies and the roll out of 5G can solve this situation!
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    Product Line Manager, Adaptive connectivity and Onboard Solution
    Étienne Saclier d’Arquian is Product Line Manager for Adaptive Connectivity solutions, providing the underlying infrastructure supporting the end-to-end communication needs of the Thales Integrated Communications and Supervision applications.
    Étienne has 25 years of experience in connectivity and infrastructure solutions design as well as innovation management.
    He has held expert positions with various communications service providers operating enterprise voice and data networks before focusing on mission-critical services for defence, public safety and rail transportation sectors.
    He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from École Centrale Paris, France.
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    Robert RICHTER
    System Architect
    Robert is working at Thales as System Architect in Main Line Signalling’s Customer Solution department. In his role, he supports our customers solving their technical business challenges, responding to tenders, providing consultancy and specification work.
    His particular focus is laid on communication aspects for train control including contributions to standardisation working groups through the UNSIG body specifying ERTMS and FRMCS.
    Robert worked as research & development engineer in digital signal processing and software domains focusing on real-time signal processing algorithms, communication stacks, embedded systems and cryptography.
    He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
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    Bojan SUBASIC
    Product Line Architect
    Mr. Bojan Subasic is Principal Product Line Architect for Data Communication Systems at Thales Canada Transportation Solutions. Mr. Subasic is responsible for wired and wireless data communications strategy and technology roadmap. He has spent the past 30 years working at the intersection of wireless communication technology and major industrial verticals, oil and gas industry, Public Safety and the Military, with strong emphasis on M2M and IoT applications.
    Mr. Bojan Subasic held executive positions in the Wireless OEM space, with companies such as Redline Communication, where he was VP Research, Development and Production, and served as Principal Engineer & Wireless Communication Lead with Celestica GDS.
    Mr. Subasic holds a Master’s Degree in Computer and Microwave Science from High Military Technical Schools of Zagreb, Croatia.