About This Webinar
Join our experts to understand how to increase the capacity of your existing railway network, without impacting the amount of trackside equipment, and being prepared for a seamless transition to the full ETCS L3.

ETCS Hybrid Level 3 MAX is the technology bridge between ETCS Level 2 and ETCS Level 3 moving block.

In short, it allows the operator to run more trains on ETCS L2 infrastructure by offering best of both worlds: a radio-based signalling solution combining both virtual and fixed blocks. This approach allows to apply ETCS L3 principle to even fleet without fully equipped train integrity information. With the future oriented design of MAX_H the migration to full ETCS Level 3 will be primarily achieved by upgrading software rather than replacing hardware, further enhancing and protecting your investment today and in the future.
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    Rose Kosgey (Moderator)
    Digital Services Manager Product Business
    Rosy has close to 5years experience in the railway signalling industry.

    Since 2020, Rosy is the Digital Services Manager for Product Business - the Thales Business unit that is responsible for sales and business development of axle counters and point machines worldwide. As part of this role, she is responsible for optimization of digital services as well as the conception and implementation of strategic marketing activities for Thales railway field elements.

    In 2018, Rosy joined Thales as part of the Main Line Signaling business lines to manage international marketing of axle counters and point machines.
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    Thomas Naulin
    System engineer Radio Block Centre (RBC)
    B. Sc. in Computer Science, 2007, Berlin school of economics
    M. Sc. in Mathematics – Methods and Models, 2013 , University of Hagen

    Employment (2007 to 2021, Thales Transportation Systems GmbH, Berlin)
    2007 – 2010: Software engineer RBC
    Since 2010: System engineer RBC
    Since 2017: Product owner and system architect for Hybrid L3.
    Since 2019: System architect for RBC projects in Switzerland
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    Stephan Hinze
    Product Line Manager
    Dpl.Ing. Technical Informatics, University of Cooperative Education Berlin
    MBA, TiasNimbas
    Employment Alcatel/Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia
    1996 – 1998 Specification Engineer OMC-R (GSM Networks)
    1998 – 2000 Software Engineer RBC (ETCS)
    2000 – 2008 Product Manager Network Management (Fixed Networks)
    2008 – 2014 Solution Architect Networks for Vertical Markets
    Employment Thales
    2014 – 2019 Technical Product Manager RBC
    since 2019 Product Line Manager ETCS L1LS, L2, L3