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Thursday, Jun 25, 11:00 AM CDT · 2 hours 30 minutes

Branding and Marketing Summit

June 25, 2015 at 11:00:00 AM · Central Time (US & Canada)
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About This Webinar

Branding is an incredibly important aspect for any company, as it has advanced beyond just the functional benefits, and may help define the entire identity of a company. The discussion touches on large relationship changes between tech brands and consumers, the increase in communicating and connecting with consumers, and tech brand susceptibility to company repositioning at just a click or tap away. Join the conversation and learn how to most effectively brand anything — from your tech company to yourself!

Speakers: Idea Lemon

Speaker: Ryan O’connel

Speaker: David Gardner

The world has never been noisier. Attentions spans have never been shorter. And the best tech companies will go unnoticed unless they learn to cut through the clutter and grab their audience by the shirt collar. How? The key lies with expertly crafted brand positioning.

Speaker: Jean Ellen Cowgill

In our world, the next webpage is never more than a click or tap away–while at our desks, on our commutes, or in line at our local coffee shop. This has led to a radical change in our relationship to the content and to the brands we most value. Today’s most creative companies are bringing their missions to life by re-imagining what, where, and how they communicate and connect. Join Jean Ellen Cowgill, President of Atlantic Media Strategies, for an in-depth look at the modern media mindset and its future implications.

Speaker: Chris Curtin

Speakers: Jake Nickell, Todd O’Hara

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter David Gardner
David Gardner is the Founder & CEO of ColorJar, a creative tech agency that has worked with everyone from Fortune500 corporations, to venture-funded startups, and growing private businesses. ColorJar specializes in brand positioning strategy and...
Webinar hosting presenter Jennifer Jones
Dr. Jennifer Jones is is a nationally acclaimed psychologist, speaker, and expert in the science of success and helping entrepreneurs realize their potential. She leads company retreats and helps expedite peak performance and life satisfaction....
Webinar hosting presenter Chris Curtin
Chris Curtin is the Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer at Visa, where he is responsible for shaping VISA’s marketing strategy to drive the commercialization of digital payment products and platforms with issuers, merchants, global mobile...
Webinar hosting presenter Jean Ellen Cowgill
Jean Ellen Cowgill is president of Atlantic Media Strategies, The Atlantic's digital consultancy and creative agency. AMS brings the best practices of a leading media company to its clients, from brand identity development to content, digital and...
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