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Sustainability & Sales

November 2, 2017 at 02:30:00 PM · Berlin
About This Webinar

How do you incorporate your company's corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) efforts into B2B sales & customer relations?

As companies are putting CSR into the heart of their business strategies and organizational culture, the work with environmental and social issues becomes an integrated part of the company's key functions - from HR and business development to procurement and marketing.

There are already numerous cases of how CSR can be integrated into the above-mentioned disciplines. But how about sales? And how about B2B sales?

This webinar will give you insights & inspiration by taking you through the 5 steps of the sustainable sales process. Along the way we'll be sharing current trends and practical examples of how companies are incorporating CSR into their value proposition to strengthen B2B customer relations, improve revenue and gain competitive advantage.

  • Why link your sustainability efforts with sales?
  • The 5 steps of the sustainable B2B sales process
  • Cases of how companies are bridging their sustainability & sales efforts
  • Q&A: What are you doing / can you do to incorporate CSR into your sales efforts?
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Tania E
Social Business Expert & Founder
Tania Ellis is a Danish-British award-winning social business specialist, international speaker and founder of The Social Business Company, a consulting and training company which for more than a decade has inspired and helped a wide range of respected international and Scandinavian companies and brands put sustainability and responsibility into the heart of their business. She is also author of the Cambridge Top 40 Sustainability Book, The New Pioneers, which is available in Danish, English and Thai.
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TANIA ELLIS - The Social Business Company webinar platform hosts Sustainability & Sales
TANIA ELLIS - The Social Business Company is a Scandinavian-based company specialized in the fields of CSR, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and innovation. Our mission is to help professionals from around the world to do good & do well even better.