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Optimizing Design of Experiment Efficiency

מידע נוסף

When trying to understand the effect of many different parameters on the response of a system, we often need to perform a lot of experiments.

With each additional variable, our number of experiments increases exponentially.

Engineers need to be able to make same-day / same-hour decisions, instead of waiting a week for an answer.

In this customer success story, Josh outlines how he used Matlab to leverage more and more available computing power, to get larger datasets in less time.

He then figured out a way to make Matlab Parallel Server run more efficiently and implemented a workaround within his scripts, and then passed on his findings to MathWorks.

Based on Josh’s observations, MathWorks updated their scheduling algorithm.

The new and improved method is included in future releases of Matlab, and Josh was happy to find that it provided even greater efficiency for his workflow.

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