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Antibiotics – Latest advancements in fermentation technology platforms for drug substance manufacturing

Wed, Feb 23, 2022 · 10:00 AM · Berlin
About This Webinar

Antibiotics have immensely contributed to the evolvement of modern medicine and extended the average human lifespan by 23 years since the first antibiotic was deployed in 1910 (Hutchings et al. 2019). Since then, a continuously decline in antibiotic discovery and the progression of drug resistance has led to an antimicrobial resistance crisis.

What is the current status of global and regional antibiotics consumption with respect to the widespread problem of overprescribing? What are the corresponding market trends and what is to be expected from prospective research endeavors?

In this session, our expert addresses these questions and gives an overview of prescription developments and antibiotic usage trends. Furthermore, he will deep dive on administration patterns, channel distributions and gives an outlook on current pipeline projects in the antibiotics sphere.

Product managers, Analysts, Strategic planners, Marketing manager, Medical manager, Market researcher, Market Intelligence, Business Analytics

This webinar is part of our Antibiotics webinar series. Four of our sites will give you a complete overview: from liquids and powders to tablets and capsules, you will learn everything you need to know about the background and technologies related to antibiotic production in our new webinar series: https://www.syntegon.com/new-webinar-series-about-antibiotics-production

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Global Product Manager - Pure Media, Process, and Bioprocess Systems
Christian Lavarreda, based out of Dresden, Germany, is currently global product manager for pure media, process, and bioprocess systems at Syntegon. Formally trained as a chemical engineer, he is responsible for leading the development, commercialization, and marketing of Syntegon’s pharmaceutical liquid processing portfolio. Prior roles at Syntegon have also included regional business development and marketing manager for liquid pharmaceutical primary packaging in North America. During his four and a half years at Syntegon, Christian has utilized his expertise to connect customer needs to Syntegon’s capabilities while helping manage account relationships to ensure customer success and satisfaction. Christian also has a background in inhalable drug product development, where he spent twelve years leading R&D and commercialization activities of analytical instrumentation for the delivered-dose uniformity and particle size characterization of dry powder, metered-dose, nebulizer, and nasal inhalers. He has multiple peer-reviewed publications on the application of cascade impaction technology for the characterization of aerosolized medicines.
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