In Kampo 漢方 (Sino-Japanese Herbal Medicine), even minor disorders & imbalances of the Stomach & Intestines are taken very seriously & are considered to be the author of many diseases. The perception that the Earth is the center & origin of good health (acquired energy & immunity) has strongly influenced the development of Japanese Herbology as well as Acupuncture & Moxibustion practices to this day (Eg: moxa at S.36 every day for longevity).

During the Jin-Yuan 金元 period in China (1115-1368), the Center (Earth) Tonifying School started by Li Dong Yuan (aka. Li Gao 1180-1252) held that the treatment of Stomach/Spleen lay at the heart of all successful treatment no matter the patho-mechanism involved. Indeed, in many Japanese traditions, themselves strongly influenced by Li’s teachings, an emphasis on tonifying the Earth element as a “root” approach to treatment is standard and constitutional analysis of a person’s digestive strength forms an important aspect of diagnosis.

Whatever the philosophical perspective, Kampo treatment of all manner of Gastro-Intestinal problems repeatedly draws on formulas from the Shang Han Lun 傷寒論 and Jin Gui Yao Lue 金匱要略 which are generally small and simple and do not rely on heavy, rich tonic substances for their effect. When it comes to the G.I. system and its pathologies, Kampo therapeutics tends to focus on draining, descending, harmonizing, regulating, warming and cooling rather than tonifying which is reserved only for the very worst-case scenarios.

In this workshop we will examine the role of Spleen/stomach function in relationship to overall health and focus on the treatment of specific disorders of the stomach and intestines. In each case, differentiation will be made focusing on discussion of the various different formulas and approaches used in each case. Emphasis will be placed on capturing the essence of each formula pattern (Sho 証 in Japanese) including corresponding signs, symptoms, pulse, tongue and abdomen conformations. Case examples will be offered for the major conditions mentioned.

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Sun, Jun 27, 2021 · 1:00 PM
Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 3 hours
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  • Review the Kampo perspective on Spleen/Stomach function and pathology
  • “The Middle Way” – discussion of G.I. illness from the perspective of the Shang Han Lun and the Jin Gui Yao Lue respectively.
  • Key aspects of Kampo constitutional theory as they relate to G.I disorders
  • Identify specific named G.I. disorders
  • Identify Kampo formula differentiations in the management of G.I disorders

Hosted By Oriental Healing Arts Institute

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