About This Webinar
Tim Cockitt is chair of the Manchester Military History Society, and has had a lifelong interest in Military History, with a strong interest in WW1, and the Battle of Verdun, 1916 in particular.

Tim's talk begins with underground elements in Ancient and Medieval warfare, looks at WW1 in detail, and concludes with the Cold War.
  • Siegecraft in ancient and medieval times.
  • The introduction of gunpowder, particularly in relation to fortresses.
  • WW1. Mining and countermining & The French buried forts, Verdun.
  • The Maginot line.
  • WW2 bunkers and Cold War bunkers.
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    Tim Cockitt
    Tim is a graduate of Oxford University. He is particularly interested in military history, and has visited numerous battlefields around Europe and the UK. Having gained early retirement from a career in computing in 2016, he has been able to devote more time to his historical interests. Tim is the chair of the Manchester Military History Society (http://www.mcrmilhist.org.uk/).