About This Webinar
Phil Catling describes the major underground bunkers at Zossen in Germany.

Wunsdorf and Zossen have over a hundred years of military and bunker building history. From a POW camp with its own Mosque, to the home of the German General Staff throughout World War II. Later, following the post-war division of Germany, it was home to the primary air force arm of the Warsaw Pact in Europe - the Soviet 16th Air Arm. With a direct rail link to Moscow, the 'fortified city' was a closely guarded secret, now join Sub Brit to look below the surface. Lots of concrete guaranteed.
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    Phil Catling
    Sub Brit member Phil Catling, aka the Tunnelinspector, has hosted a number of Spring and Autumn meetings over the last three years as well as arranging the diverse speakers. Phil spent 14 years as Manager of Stockport’s Air Raid Shelter Experience and has recently become freelance as a heritage guide and speaker specialising in underground spaces.